December 6, 2022

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Netizens Think Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Jun Ho Save Drama Ratings Why Her

Seo Hyun Jin’s acting appearance in the latest Korean drama ‘Why Her’ has successfully received praise from Korean drama lovers.

Quote from Allkpop on Saturday (18/6/2022), the Korean drama ‘Why Her’ continues to captivate the hearts of viewers with its increasing rating in its latest episode.

However, behind the increasing rating in each episode, not a few netizens issued criticisms of the storyline and also the acting of the drama players.

Netizens think that only Seo Hyun Jin and actor Heo Jun Ho are able to execute their roles well. While the other players are considered not so good.

They even commented that if Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Jun Ho didn’t show their best acting skills, netizens weren’t sure if the drama ‘Why Her’ would have a good rating.

On June 17, 2022, a netizen created an online discussion in one of the communities with the title ‘The appearance of the actors in the drama ‘Why Her’ honestly’.

The netizen revealed, “Apart from Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Jun Ho, the other actors in the drama ‘Why Her’ didn’t show their acting skills well.”

Having a lot of cast is great, but when they do appear their acting is really lacking, to the point that this drama looks even worse than a web drama. Seriously, the writer was not able to describe the development of the story well, fortunately there was Seo Hyun Jin, his acting saved this drama,” he continued.

Netizens also left comments for the post. Here are some of them.

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If you increase Seo Hyun Jin’s screen time, the rating will go up even more.”

All the cast except Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Jun Ho were really bad at acting. Even the two male leads can’t act well, LOL.”

I watched this drama on my phone a while ago, and the story really tickled me. I put away my phone when Seo Hyun Jin isn’t on the screen.”

I really can’t see the point of this drama combining the students from law school.”

Do they have to include an element of romance in this drama?

If only they had replaced the male lead.

The most interesting thing about this drama is only when Seo Hyun Jin and Heo Jun Ho appear.”

I saw Bae In Hyuk’s performance yesterday, and realized that he is really bad at acting. The scene where he runs to his dad and complains, LOL. I really can’t see that scene.”

And there are many more netizen comments criticizing the players and also the storyline of the drama ‘Why Her’. What do you think?