May 30, 2023

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Netizens say Yunjin LE SSERAFIM is the most successful ARMY for this reason

Yunjin LE SSERAFIM can now be called one of the most successful ARMYs (BTS fans). Summarize from Koreaboo on Sunday (19/6/2022), debuting as an idol is a dream come true, especially if you debut in the same company as an idol artist, and it seems Yunjin LE SSERAFIM is feeling that way.

On June 17, 2022, a netizen posted a post on an online community forum. In the post he revealed Yunjin LE SSERAFIM’s old Twitter account before he debuted.

Yunjin is known to be an ARMY, he has even been a big fan of BTS since 2017.

The netizen explained why he knew that the old Twitter account belonged to Yunjin LE SSERAFIM, it was because Yunjin used to often participate in #ARMYSelcaDaywhere ARMYs upload their selfies along with photos of their biased BTS members.

Yunjin is seen often participating in events #ARMYSelcaDay by uploading selfie photos with V BTS photos. That means V is Yunjin’s bias in BTS.

Yunjin’s old Twitter posts are not the only evidence why netizens refer to Yunjin as an ARMY. Yunjin also often shows his love for BTS on several occasions, such as shouting loudly for BTS while watching concerts, and often dancing to BTS songs when he was a trainee.

Uniquely, when Yunjin joined the K-Pop industry, he was a trainee at Pledis Entertainment first, and participated in the ‘Produce 48’ event. Netizens believe Yunjin has deleted his old Twitter account during this era.

After ‘Produce 48’ ended, Yunjin left Pledis Entertainment in 2019 and his whereabouts are unknown. Until he is known to join Source Music, which is a company under the auspices of HYBE Labels, in August 2021.

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After that, Yunjin also managed to debut with LE SSERAFIM, and was under the same agency as BTS. That’s why netizens called Yunjin LE SSERAFIM as one of the most successful ARMYs.

Some fans have also expressed their jealousy over Yunjin’s close relationship with BTS now, but it just goes to show that an ARMY can become a K-Pop idol one day!