December 6, 2022

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Netizens Consider ‘Produce Series’ the Originator of Negative Culture in the K-Pop Industry

Idol survival programs such as ‘Produce 101’ and ‘Produce 48’ have now become a trend in South Korea as the creators of popular idol groups.

Quote from Allkpop on Tuesday (14/6/2022), not only became a trend as a talent search program that gave birth to a number of K-Pop idol groups that managed to steal the public’s attention, this survival program also reaped a lot of controversy.

Recently, idol survival programs such as ‘Produce 101 and Produce 48’ are known to be involved in controversial cases involving vote manipulation.

The producers of the survival program reportedly chose certain contestants they liked at the request of the entertainment agency who sent their contestants, of course on terms that benefit both parties.

Recently, netizens gathered in online communities to discuss the influence of idol survival shows that led to the emergence of negative culture in the K-Pop industry.

Netizens point to one example, namely culture Akgaes (extreme fans who only support one person in a group).

Besides that, Produce Series also spark culture’fairy ending‘ is one of the members who usually has the best visuals that the camera will highlight as the end of the group’s appearance on stage.

One netizen wrote his opinion on the online community, “I was one of the viewers of the ‘Produce Series’ program. According to my observations, ‘Produce Series’ has had a lot of influence on the online community these days. The atmosphere hasn’t been the same since the program ‘Produce’ aired.”

Some netizens also responded to the post like this:

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I also watched the ‘Produce’ program and I think this program spreads a lot of bad influence. It was really hard to be a fan back then, but I like it because I have a bias.”

I agree.”

I also agree. We can’t blame ‘Produce’ completely, but I think they were the catalyst or the cause.”

I totally agree with the first opinion.”

The Produce Series was adapted from Japan, and I didn’t like the program.”

“Akgaes are also getting worse now.”

And there are many more comments from netizens who agree that idol survival programs like ‘Produce Series’ have quite an influence and create a negative culture in the K-Pop industry today. What do you think?