May 30, 2023

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Neighbors Talk Upset about being ignored by neighbors because of gossip: Tell him who he is listening to

Talking about other people or gossiping has become a common thing for people to do. Anyone who is aware of it or not must have gossiped about other people or been gossiped about by others.

Talking about gossip, there is a viral video of a mother who is upset about being ignored by her neighbors because she was caught gossiping about it. Quoted from the Instagram account, the mothers told the story of a neighbor he was gossiping about with other mothers.

However, the neighbors they were gossiping about caught up. The neighbor then ignored the mothers who were caught gossiping about him behind his back.

It’s no exception to ignore these green-clothed mothers. However, the green clothes mothers did not accept their neighbors’ neglect.

“Because of a trivial problem, he ignored me, he was secretly with me. He didn’t want him to talk to me,” said the mothers in green clothes as quoted by, Saturday (08/10/2022).

Not only were these neighbors annoyed at being ignored, the green clothes mothers were also annoyed because they weren’t given a loan.

“Even if I borrowed money, he didn’t give me money, he was so fierce,” he said.

He reasoned that the neighbor was at fault for eavesdropping on their conversation while gossiping about it.

“What’s wrong with you, isn’t he eavesdropping on himself, why is he eavesdropping. He’s hurt, he’s hurt, I’m so angry,” said the mothers in green clothes.

Upset about being ignored by neighbors

This mother vents being ignored by neighbors who are caught gossiping by her. (Instagram/

She was so upset about being ignored by the neighbors she had been gossiping about, the mother in green clothes asked the neighbor to just move house.

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“Move away from here, very annoyed to see you,” he concluded.

These mothers’ comments attracted the attention of netizens to write various comments. Not a few netizens were even surprised that the mothers were wrong but instead were annoyed to be blamed.

“It’s scary to have a neighbor like this, you’re already telling me you still dare to borrow money (laughing emoji)” netizen comments.

“I don’t know whose fault I don’t know,” said another.

“People feel self-righteous like this. They don’t realize that when they talk about the wrong person, they use someone else who is being blamed,” other opinion.

“The definition of an ignorant neighbor (laughing emoji)” another response.