May 30, 2023

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Neighbors don’t know themselves, please give them a job and even destroy the laundry owner’s business

The desire to help people who are in trouble sometimes actually backfires on themselves. This is because the person being helped is actually doing evil to the helper.

This is what is experienced by a woman who owns a laundry. Hari’s intention to help even the neighbors who were helped did cunning to destroy his laundry business.

The child of the laundry owner sent a complaint to the SeputarTetangga Twitter account about his sneaky neighbor, Friday (21/10/2022). Sender told me that his mother, who works as a non-civil servant teacher, opened a laundry side business.

When I first opened, my mother worked on her laundry business alone. Her mother’s laundry business is getting more and more customers.

The mother, who came home from work in the afternoon, started running out of time to do the customer’s laundry. Mama sender then looks for employees to work in her laundry.

“Offer it to my neighbor in front of the house, let’s call it Ms. A. The reason my mother offered to work with Ms. A is because I know her and she is an IRT, her husband works odd jobs,” said the sender as quoted by, Friday (21/10/2022).

The mother wants to help the economy of Mbak A’s family at least for the pocket money for her child who is still in school. At first, Mbak A worked diligently and at 8 o’clock the laundry started to open.

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Sneaky Neighbor

The laundry owner’s son talks about his sneaky neighbor. (Twitter/ Around Neighbors)

However, as time goes by, Mbak A is getting more and more comfortable at work. Starting at 10 am to come at 11 and go home at 1 o’clock.

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“He likes it, it’s the main thing. Even though his house is in front of my house. And the worst thing is that sometimes the work has not been finished and has been left home. Finally, the customer asks why his clothes haven’t finished like that,” said the sender.

Worse yet, Mbak A is working dishonestly. Mbak A did not include all customer records using laundry services.

The money paid from the customer goes into Mbak A’s pocket. Mama sender is overdue for paying for electricity, water, soap, and others.

“My mom only has 150 thousand left, so the term is like she’s the one taking care of my mom. I’ve been rebuked before but it was repeated again,” said the sender.

Mbak A did not come to work for days. As a result, Mama Sender’s laundry business had to be temporarily closed because no one was working on it.

The cunning Mbak A used the opportunity to open her own laundry business. All laundry customers were taken over by Mbak A because they knew she was still working at the sender’s place.

“It’s really like this, Min, I want to help my neighbor, but I get elbowed. I know the term ‘luck will not be mixed up’. But what can I do, Min, as a child, I feel sorry for my mother,” concluded the sender, full of anger.