December 1, 2022

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Need Research Reference? Here’s How to Find Journals for Scientific Work!

Journals are needed when doing research as supporting data. Because with a journal, researchers can compare the data obtained and prove valid or not. The need for journals in a study is different, if important research is carried out, more journals will be needed. Finding journal references cannot be arbitrary, here’s how to find journals for scientific work.

How to Search Journals for Scientific Work

A journal contains various scientific works for certain fields of science with the aim that ideas or research results can be applied in life. The scientific level of a journal is also higher when compared to publications in other forms. How to find journals for scientific work can be done on the following sites.

1. National Library

Journal search can be done on the website of the National Library of Indonesia (PNRI) or National Library of Indonesia. To access the National Library of Indonesia website, you only need to visit and register as a member. After registering, you can freely search and download journals for reference.

Apart from national and international journals, National Library also provides various e-books. Journals available at National Library come from Nekiti, Ebsco, Ebrary, and others.

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2. Google Scholar

Visit the site and you can access the desired journal by entering the keywords as needed. Search results will be displayed according to the requested keywords.


DOAJ or Directory of Open Access Journals provides more than 20 thousand journals and articles that can be accessed easily for free. Source journals and articles from various countries that can support your research. The way to access it is very easy, just visit the official website at

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4. Academia

Before downloading the journal, you need to register first. Academia can be accessed easily and often appears on the first page of Google searches. If you need an Indonesian language journal, you can find it at


The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) provides many journals that can be downloaded free of charge. How to find journals for scientific work using LIPI is very easy, you only need to visit LIPI’s official website, namely, then type in the author’s name, topic, and also the year of publication of the journal and article needed. If you need an English journal, LIPI provides more than 15,000 articles and journals.

6. Research Gates

Even though it can be accessed for free, some of the journals in it still require permission from the journal owner to be used. Not only downloading journals, also facilitates discussion forums that are accessed by researchers from all over the world.

That’s how to find journals for scientific work that can be accessed easily and for free. With a variety of sources, it will be easier for you to collect and have lots of references.

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