September 27, 2022

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NCT’s Doyoung Officially Becomes a Permanent Member of SBS Variety Show Master In The House

NCT’s Doyoung will join the variety show titled Master In The House which airs on SBS tv station as a permanent member.

Quoting from a news site Naver On Friday (24/6/2022), the production team of the variety show ‘Master In The House’ issued their official statement that NCT’s Doyoung will join as a permanent member on the variety show ‘Master In The House’.

Doyoung, who previously only appeared as a guest star and student one day on the variety show, managed to steal the audience’s attention with his extraordinary chemistry with the other permanent members.

Doyoung, who is the youngest member of ‘Master In The House’, successfully created a new atmosphere and added to the excitement of the event.

In the first episode of Doyoung’s appearance with Choo Seong-hoon, the members of ‘Master In The House’ looked very caring and loved Doyoung like their own little brother.

Doyoung managed to make the audience laugh and feel sorry for him with his funny frightened expression when he had to face Choo Seong-hoon, a mixed martial arts athlete who has a stout body and extraordinary strength.

Not only that, Doyoung who earned the nickname ‘Crystal Rabbit’ in the variety show successfully stole the sympathy of the audience when he stated that Lee Seung-gi was his role model and idolized him very much.

In every episode that features Doyoung and the challenges they face, Doyoung always does everything by trying his best, even if in a short time and without preparation.

Despite the nickname crybaby seems to be sticking to his image, the other ‘Master In The House’ members seem to really admire Doyoung’s efforts and hard work.

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With the announcement of Doyoung as a permanent member of the variety show ‘Master In The House’, Doyoung will join the other permanent members, namely, Lee Seung-gi, Yang Sehyung, Kim Donghyun, and Eun Jiwon.

Meanwhile, the latest episode of ‘Master In The House’ with NCT’s Doyoung as a permanent member will be aired on July 3, 2022 on SBS TV station.