December 2, 2022

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NCT Opens New Member Auditions, Netizens Are Worried About These Two Members

Adapted from Allkpop, Friday (10/06/22), SM Entertainment announced the news of the latest audition “Welcome to the NeoCiTy” which will be held in 14 cities, in various countries. The audition is reportedly to find the next member who will join the group boy group NCT.

NCT is a boy group that has 23 members which are divided into several sub-units. Some of these sub-units include NCT 127, NCT U, NCT DREAM, and WAYV. The reason the group has many members is because NCT debuted with a concept that allows new members to be present every year.

The presence of the audition news is certainly good news. Talented young people from various countries finally have a chance to achieve their dream of becoming the next K-pop star. However, not a few netizens voiced their concern for these two members who were introduced in 2020.

Sungchan and Shotaro are the two members who were introduced in 2020. Both of them had participated in several group albums. However, there is not much news for the two of them to make fans feel worried.

In the midst of the news of NCT’s new member registration, someone wrote a post and decided to upload the history of Sungchan and Shotaro’s past promotions. This raises various questions regarding their future promotions considering that the two are not part of any sub-unit permanently.

One netizen explained, Sungchan promoted for two weeks for “90’s Love”. After that, he never promoted any other NCT title songs. Therefore, Sungchan did not participate in any performances except year-end events. Then, the uploader added, “We thought he would participate in NCT 2021 activities, but he was not part of it.”

In 2021, Sungchan doesn’t have much individual schedule except being the MC of the music show ‘Inkigayo’.

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Turning to Shotaro, he also briefly helped promote the song “Make A Wish” and also appeared at year-end events. After that, Shotaro joined the promotion of NCT 2021 with the song “Universe”, but he couldn’t perform because the schedule collided with the group’s performance. So, Shotaro is only actively promoting for a week in 2021.

Shotaro’s individual schedule is also empty as he doesn’t have many opportunities to promote.

In response to the post, many South Korean netizens were also upset with the treatment that the two NCT members received.

“SM is really weird,”

“I hope Sungchan and Shotaro have a permanent group so they can perform more,”

“If they introduce a new member, then they have to make him more active,”

“This is outrageous,”

“I can’t believe they debuted two years ago,”

“Wow, SM has wasted a talented person,”

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