September 28, 2022

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NCT Dream and Stray Kids Show Friendship at Japanese Music Show ‘Venue 101’

Interaction between K-Pop idols from fellow agencies may have become commonplace among fans. In contrast to cross-agency interactions, both in certain stage events and television programs which immediately succeed in attracting the attention of fans.

The reason is, behind the intense competition between K-Pop idols today, they are actually close friends with each other, whose interactions are rarely known by their fans.

NCT Dream and Stray Kids also showed sweet interactions and support for each other when guest stars on the Japanese music program ‘Venue 101’ where the two performed with their respective new songs and cheered each other on.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Monday (13/6/2022), Stray Kids showed a strong performance through the song ‘MANIAC’ at the event.

Even though they are in a different country and can only interact through video screens, Renjun and Jeno NCT Dream are seen imitating the ‘MANIAC’ dance hand movements and enjoying Stray Kids stage performances, the other NCT Dream members are also enthusiastic about the appearance of the original boy group. the JYP Entertainment.

The NCT Dream members also gave their thumbs up and shouted ‘That’s great’ after Stray Kids finished their performance.

When the host of the ‘Venue 101’ program asked the two groups if they were friends, Chenle excitedly answered yes. Chenle even called Bang Chan and Felix’s names while waving his hand. Bang Chan and Felix were also seen waving back from Chenle.

Chenle is actually very close to Bang Chan and Felix. Recently he said in his live broadcast on Weibothat Felix sent him a message after the show ‘Venue 101’, saying he was very excited and surprised to be appearing on the same screen with NCT Dream.

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Fans also said that Felix once gave Chenle a brownie cake for him to share with the other NCT Dream members. However, Chenle spent it alone.

Even when NCT Dream performed the song ‘Beatbox’, Seungmin seemed to enjoy their song and imitated the dance moves. While Felix was amazed by the choreo performance of Jisung’s song ‘Beatbox’.

Felix was also seen imitating Chenle’s small dance moves, and the other Stray Kids members gave praise and applause when Jeno and Renjun performed the ‘Beatbox Wink Challenge’ move.

It seems that the members of Stray Kids and NCT Dream are indeed good friends outside of their routine as idols. The two groups seemed to support each other and encourage each other’s performances.

This of course made fans who saw their interaction very happy to see the friendship of the two groups from different agencies.