September 27, 2022

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NCT Collaboration with Sanrio, Gets Much Support from Fans

Recently, SM Entertainment announced through its official Instagram upload that NCT will be releasing merchandise collaboration with Sanrio Character. Sanrio Character himself is one of the animated characters that is quite popular with several characters iconic such as My Melody, Hello Kitty, Kuromi, Keroppi, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, and so on.

In his post, SM wrote, “NCT and cute Sanrio characters will meet soon! Sanrio friends will come to play with NCT in NCT Town. If you are curious about the interactions of cute NCT characters with beautiful Sanrio characters, meet us soon at SMTOWN & STORE. Stay tuned for Merchandise we!”

As is known, Sanrio itself is one of the most famous and worldwide cartoons, so almost everyone knows this cute cartoon.

Suddenly this announcement reaped a lot of appreciation from various circles of fans both from South Korea and abroad. Several Kpopers who are not NCTzen or NCT fans admit that they are envious and enthusiastic about waiting for the release of this collaboration product.

Korean Netizens Response

Here are some responses from Korean netizens quoted from Intiz and Panchoa:

“I’m really jealous, can’t my bias do this with them too? Please, I’m so jealous.” wrote one fan from Korea.

“Na Jaemin with Kuromi and Lee Jeno with Cinnamon Roll, come on!” Said a Korean netizen who supports this collaboration.

“Wow they sure know what the current generation likes. They really follow the trend of young people.” A netizen said in response.

“Seriously, you have to admit SM’s shrewdness in attracting attention through this.” A netizen comment gave his view.

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Indonesian Netizens Response

Some local fans from Indonesia also commented via the @smtownandstore Instagram account post, as follows:

“Can’t imagine (crying emoticon) going crazy.” Write an Instagram account @tatae***

Yha duid again duid again.” Complained a fan with the Instagram account @jsas***

“Money where is money.” @star account comments***

Netizens have seen various reactions. But in essence they are all enthusiastic and excited to immediately wait for the release of this super adorable collaboration. Let’s wait for the final result of the collaboration between NCT and Sanrio members.