August 8, 2022

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NCT 127 Closes Concert ‘Neo City: Japan – The Link’ with 220,000 Viewers

Boy group from SM Entertainment, NCT 127 successfully closed their first dome tour concert titled ‘Neo City: Japan – The Link’ by reaching a total audience of 220,000 people.

Quoting from the site Naver on Monday (27/6/2022), NCT 127 closed the series of the first dome tour in Japan ‘Neo City: Japan – The Link’ with a concert for two consecutive days at Kyocera Dome, Osaka on June 25-26, 2022 yesterday.

NCT 127’s last performance at the Kyocera Dome managed to reach an audience of around 80,000 people for two days by selling out all tickets at each performance.

This series of dome tour concerts in Japan itself consists of 5 days of concerts in 3 different cities, namely Nagoya on 22 May 2022 at the Vantelin Dome, which successfully reached an audience of around 40,000.

Then on May 28-29 2022, NCT 127 came to Tokyo and held a concert for 2 days at the Tokyo Dome. This concert successfully reached an audience of around 100,000 people for 2 days.

By adding up 5 days of dome tour concerts in Japan, NCT 127 successfully gathered around 220,000 people for the concert ‘Neo City: Japan – The Link’.

In this concert, NCT 127 presented an extraordinary stage and performed a number of their hit songs such as, Kick It, Sticker, Cherry Bomb, Favoriteand some of their Japanese songs like: Gimme Gimme and first love.

NCT 127 also performed a number of songs that have not been officially released such as, Sunny Road and Colors. The members of NCT 127 also performed their solo stage acts. Around a total of 36 songs were performed in this concert.

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Closing their performance, the NCT 127 members expressed their feelings about their first dome tour in Japan.

This is our first dome tour which is very important to us. We will work even harder in the future, and become even better artists. Please continue to support and look forward to our performances. We hope we can continue to be happy together,” said one member.

The success of NCT 127’s first dome tour has also attracted the attention of a number of local media in Japan. Nikan Sports stated, “NCT 127 proved their strong popularity, and have impressed Japan with their dome tour in three major cities such as Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka..”

The joy and enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of fans when watching NCT 127’s stage, successfully shook their concert stage,” he continued.

Meanwhile, a number of major media in Japan such as Fuji TV, MEZAMASHI TV, NTV ‘ZIP!’ and TBS ‘THE TIME’ also reported in detail the performance of this NCT 127 dome concert, showing great enthusiasm not only among the audience but also the media.

NCT 127 will continue their second world tour ‘Neo City: The Link’ in Singapore on July 2, 2022.

Once again congratulations to NCT 127 on the success of their first Japanese dome tour ‘Neo City: Japan – The Link’.