December 2, 2022

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Naps Can Make You Tall? Myth or Fact?

Napping is a form of short rest that is very popular for a number of people, besides being able to relieve fatigue for a moment, napping can also restore energy that has been drained.

Therefore, many people take time in between their busy activities to just take a nap for a certain time.

But there are some assumptions that some people believe that napping can increase height, what are the facts?

Quoted from the website, dr. Rizal Fadli said that height is determined by several factors, including:

1. Genetics, parents with tall bodies tend to have tall children too.

2. Nutrition for children is adequate nutrition during optimal growth and development.

3. Effect of growth hormone (growth hormone).

In line with dr. Rizal, dr. Singgih added that in addition to the 3 things mentioned above, the factors that affect height are adequate calcium intake which can be obtained from consuming milk and vitamin D which is fulfilled by getting enough sunlight.

Furthermore, if adequate rest, including naps, can be fulfilled properly, of course it can increase growth hormone during growth and development. In addition, height in general will stop growing at one point, namely when the epiphyseal plate has stopped growing, usually this condition occurs during adolescence.

So it would be better if you are still in the period of growth and development, always consume nutritious food that is able to support and stimulate height growth, and also do not forget to always maintain quality rest so that growth hormones are not disturbed.

From the two conclusions above, it can be said that sleep can increase growth hormone, but this applies only during growth and development, because after that period, height generally stops.

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Hopefully this explanation can answer curiosity about how much influence napping has on height growth. Do not forget to always rest and consume nutritious food and drinks so that the condition of the body is maintained.