March 21, 2023

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Nani Wijaya Experienced Dementia Before Death, Here Are 5 Tips for Caring for Sufferers

Sad news came from the world of Indonesian entertainment. Senior artist Nani Wijaya breathed his last on Thursday (16/3/2023). The actor who played the mother character in the Bajaj Bajuri sitcom died of a lung infection that she had suffered for a long time. In addition, Nani Wijaya was also known to have dementia before he died.

Dementia is a condition where there is a decrease in brain function. So that the cognitive ability of the sufferer will also decrease. Sufferers will experience memory loss or difficulty remembering things that they experience, do not recognize their environment, and do not communicate fluently with other people.

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Caring for people with dementia requires a lot of patience so that carers and sufferers can minimize stress. Reported from Hello, HealthyHere are five tips for caring for people with dementia.

1. Create a Comfortable Environment

Dementia sufferers will generally experience changes in behavior such as feeling afraid, bored, or loud noises. Therefore, you need to create a comfortable environment for people with dementia.

In addition, invite sufferers to do an activity so they don’t get bored. To make it calmer, you can use soft music.

2. Find Ways to Communicate

People with dementia will have difficulty communicating. Therefore, in caring for dementia patients, patience is needed. When talking to him try to focus on the conversation and not while doing other activities.

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Repeat the words slowly until he understands. You can also use sign or non-verbal language to help describe what you want to express.

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3. Help with Symptoms

Even though people with dementia have memory problems and are difficult to fix, you can do a number of things to help deal with the symptoms. For example by implementing a daily routine, talking frequently, and also adopting a healthy lifestyle.

4. Get Help

Caring for patients suffering from dementia is not an easy matter. Besides being patient, you also need extra time to care for it. So that you also avoid the risk of stress, you can ask others for help when caring for dementia patients. Ask for help from other family members to take turns caring for the patient.

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5. Take Care of Yourself

Even though you have great responsibility in caring for dementia patients, you also need to take care of yourself. Take time to care for yourself and meet your physical and emotional needs. So if your needs are met, then you can maximize your care for dementia patients.

Those are five tips in caring for dementia patients. The main key in caring for dementia patients is extra patience because generally they will be difficult to communicate with due to decreased cognitive function.

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