August 8, 2022

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‘Namjoon’s wife’ BTS Visits HYBE INSIGHT, the story makes you laugh!

ARMY of course often hear inside jokes among fans and BTS, let’s call it the iconic joke ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ that always pops up wherever BTS is. The joke that was originally intended by fans for Suga was eventually also given to other BTS members who were usually doing live broadcasts.

Not only jokes that only ARMY and BTS can understand, fans also have a myriad of entertaining stories for anyone who hears them, one of which is this story.

Still related to ‘wedding’, recently an ARMY shared a funny experience when visiting HYBE INSIGHT, a museum that displays the musical history of HYBE artists.

The ARMY, who visited HYBE INSIGHT for the first time, admitted to having an unforgettable interaction with the staff there. Twitter user @prodK0YA shared his experience in a tweet that has now gone viral.

“I went to HYBE INSIGHT today, and I didn’t know they would print a nickname on the ticket, so I wrote ‘namjoonwife’ (namjoon’s wife),” he wrote.

Unexpectedly, his name was called out loud, “..the girl called me loudly like, ‘um.. is this for namjoonwife?’ Instantly I became very embarrassed,” he said.

It didn’t stop there, the poster confessed that she apparently wasn’t Namjoon’s first ‘wife’ to ever appear on HYBE INSIGHT because the staff said, “‘No, it’s okay! We’ve seen a lot of Namjoon’s wives here.”

According to the poster, the staff is also very understanding and kind, “He is very understanding, he also doesn’t laugh at me loudly even though he coughs and sounds like he wants to laugh at me.”

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He continued, “I find the moment very funny now, before I thought it was impossible to go inside with the name ‘namjoonwife’. When I left the staff said, ‘Goodbye, Namjoon’s wife.'”

Seeing this story, ARMYs were very entertained and left comments such as, “This is so funny,” “I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. I know exactly how you feel,” “Hahaha I imagined the whole scenario. You’re so lucky’ namjoonwife’!”

Do you also have any funny moments related to BTS? Write your story in the comments column, yes!