October 1, 2022


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My Wife is a Gangster 2: When the Supreme Leader of the Gang Must Lose His Memory

Already watched the movie My Wife is a Gangster the first then? If so, you must be familiar with a character named Cha Eun Jin. Yes, this name is not a foreign name, because Cha Eun Jin, played by Shin Eun Kyung, is back in action in the film My Wife is a Gangster 2 this. The role played is still the same, namely as the leader of the Mantis gang who lives a hard life by fighting against other gangs. However, in contrast to the first film which told about the demands of his older brother for Eun Jin to get married immediately, in this second film we will be treated to Eun Jin’s journey with a tougher individual life.

The film itself begins when the Mantis Gang is fighting a rival gang in a city skyscraper. When the fight was going on, a helicopter carrying Eun Jin arrived and was immediately involved in the fight.

In the fight, Eun Jin returned to action with her flagship knife weapon, and was able to push the enemy gang into a frenzy. But unfortunately, in that fight, Eun Jin also had to get an incident from falling off the roof and landing on a truck and driving her out of town.

Even though Eun Jin survived, she had to lose her memory. Eun Jin, who is losing her memory, finally meets and is helped by Jae Chul (played by Park Jun Gyu), a cook at a Chinese restaurant.

Completely unable to remember her past, Eun Jin ends up working at the restaurant, acting as a delivery courier. Eun Jin’s days have changed. She who used to be one of the top leaders of the Mantis gang, has now completely turned into a food delivery woman.

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Her life also changed, from what used to be wallowing in violence, to now living a peaceful life like other women. But unfortunately, Eun Jin’s peaceful life has to be disrupted in the end, when members of a rival gang learn of her whereabouts. Eun Jin, who is still forgetting her memory, has to do her best to save herself from their pursuit. What do you think Eun Jin will do? So, how can Eun Jin find back her lost memories? Find the answer in the movie My Wife is a Gangster 2 this is it guys!

Even though it has a gangster theme and there are also violent scenes, this film also features various funny and entertaining scenes. So, in terms of plot, this film is not as heavy as gangster films with serious themes. If you are curious about the film My Wife is a Gangster 2 which was released in 2003, please go to the service stream everyone’s favorite!