September 28, 2022

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My Wife is a Gangster 1: Movie Review: When the Gangster Leader Is Forced to Get Married

In a marriage, honesty is one of the keys in building the strength of the foundation of the household. Both husband and wife, must always be honest in any case, including work and family background. However, what happens if in a marriage, the wife has to hide her true identity because she has a background that is contrary to her husband’s? Unexpected things will definitely happen!

Eun Jin (played by Shin Eun Kyung) who is also known as “Mantis” is the second most powerful person in the gangster organization he joins. Actually, Eun Jin is a beautiful woman, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have a feminine soul at all. In fact, even though Eun Jin is a woman, she is used to fighting other gangs dominated by men.

However, everything changed when the older sister had to be admitted to the hospital due to a serious illness. Under the pretext of a final request, the older brother wants to see Eun Jin get married before he dies. A difficult thing, because the problem is, Eun Jin has spent her entire life in the world of gangsters, so she is completely unfamiliar with these romantic things.

However, in order to make his sister happy, Eun Jin finally tries to fulfill this last request. He sent his men to find a man he could marry in a short time. Until in the end, three of Eun Jin’s men found Kang Soo Il (Park Sang Myeon), a passive officer who tends to be fat, not ideally an officer. And their marriage took place.

Of course it’s not an easy thing, isn’t it, when a woman who is used to being tough and living a hard life, suddenly has to play the role of a wife from a husband from a very different background. However, little by little, Eun Jin began to adapt to her new role, although she still couldn’t completely escape her natural figure as a tough gangster woman.

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Not only having to keep her background to her husband, Eun Jin also faces a complicated situation when a rival gang throws a tantrum by encroaching on the agreed territory. So, like it or not, Eun Jin must act decisively against them, while also making her husband not suspect what he is doing. Difficult isn’t it?

And an even more complicated problem comes, when the older sister who is hospitalized, wants to hold the baby from Eun Jin, when the situation is heading for critical times. Well, you know? How is it going to be Eun Jin? Can he settle all the demands placed on him? Find it in movies My Wife is a Gangster this is the first one, my friends. Guaranteed, besides being treated to great fights, there are also stomach-churning scenes.