May 30, 2023

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Must Know, Here Are 4 Ways To Wash Your Face Correctly So Your Face Shines

After being exposed to direct sunlight during activities, facial skin becomes duller. In addition, there is a lot of dust and dirt that sticks, so it needs to be cleaned so that the dirt can be lifted perfectly. One of them is by washing the face properly so that the facial skin is maintained again.

How to wash your face properly for optimal results

Having a smooth face is everyone’s dream, but there is one important thing that is often overlooked, namely washing your face. Even though it looks simple, this really affects the progress of your facial care, lol.

Some problems on the face such as blackheads can also be caused by mistakes in washing your face. Therefore you need to know the right way to wash your face as summarized from the following @Jemima Livia YouTube channel.

1. Choose the Right Facial Soap.

You can choose the soap that suits your facial needs. Avoid using soap with a rough texture, because it can weaken the skin barrier. Facial soap containing foam (facial foam) is recommended, because it provides a comfortable sensation on the face.

Also pay attention to the amount of face wash used, not too much or too little because the benefits will not be optimal.

2. Wash your hands until clean.

Hands are body parts that are in direct contact while on the move, making it possible to become a place for viruses or bacteria to attach. Therefore, it is important to clean your hands first before washing your face, so that there are no viruses or bacteria that stick to your face.

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3. Wipe gently and slowly.

Most people think that the stronger the scrubbing, the cleaner it will be. That’s not entirely true, because if it’s too strong then the important components that should be on the face will be lifted. The correct way to wash your face is to wipe slowly and evenly.

4. Dry Your Face Properly.

After rinsing with water, try to dry your face with a special towel or facial tissue. You can just lightly pat your face without rubbing it, because rubbing too hard can damage the outer layer of facial skin.

That’s the right way to wash your face to keep your facial skin healthy and well-groomed. It turned out to be quite simple right? Remember, proper care will bring a million benefits.