October 1, 2022


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Must Be Calm, Here Are 6 Ways To Conquer Ignorant Men

In fact, the assumption that women must always be passive or wait to be approached by men is an assumption that is not entirely true. In order to release the status of “Singles” a woman must also try. One of them started first to approach men.

This becomes an obligation if the man who is being estimated is an indifferent type. If you are passive, don’t expect men to chase you. So to approach this type of guy, you need some tips! Here’s the explanation:

1. Drag and Drop

Approaching him who is indifferent needs a tug. You sometimes have to be active, but sometimes you have to be passive like women in general. If you are too active, it will only make men uncomfortable. Most men do. Passivity is required here. That way he will wonder about your seriousness approaching him. If you fail, he will never know your intentions either!

2. Approach his friends

There is a saying, if you approach someone, it means you should also try to approach what is around them. So that your presence is not only accepted by him, you also need to mingle with his friends. What for? So smooth, of course. Close friends can be relied on to find information about him.

3. Live PDKT

Of course, direct PDKT will be better than through social media. You can tell how he really is. Although today’s era is much easier to communicate, direct approach would be better. Remember, the guy you’re dealing with is the cool type. If you only send messages, it could be that your messages are not replied to because you are bored.

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4. Substitute Cool

You need to take turns being cool. Don’t worry, he won’t run away. Ignorant men are usually anti-girls who are too friendly and sweet. Don’t be too friendly is a way to realize your goals. Your ignorance can be a plus to make him curious and turn attracted to you.

5. Calm down

One of the challenges of approaching indifferent men is that you must have a calm attitude. Do not rush. Remember, he’s cool. Don’t be in a hurry if your business fails. A relaxed attitude is necessary.

6. Appropriate Topic

Next is to find a topic that roughly fits him. He is the kind of cool guy. If your discussion is not interesting, of course you will be ignored. Invite him to talk according to what he wants. If you are just getting close to him, of course this will be difficult, you don’t know what things can attract him. Like it or not, you have to be patient and keep trying to find out.

Well, that’s 6 ways to conquer cool men. Hopefully the method that has been explained can realize what you want. Good luck!