December 6, 2022

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Mr. Tarno Trending Again, Viral ‘Splash’ Appearance of BTS and Anderson Paak

Pak Tarno, a magician from Indonesia, is becoming a hot topic on social media. His name skyrocketed again and his face started to appear on social media again, because the appearance of a magician who has a mainstay spell “bim salabim so what prok prok prok” This is considered very similar to Anderson Paak, a musician from the United States.

The name Mr. Tarno is trending on social media, it is getting more and more popular in cyberspace after Anderson Paak appeared playing drums in collaboration with BTS at the BTS Prime Live in the context of BTS 9th Anniversary. Based on impressions on the BTS YouTube channel, this American rapper appears with a hairstyle similar to Mr. Tarno’s, wearing sunglasses, and wearing a beige suit.

Twitter account user @quartersian in his upload (13/6/2022) tweeted, “Anderson Paak is cool. But sorry, didn’t mean anything. I watched it with my sister, he said, that’s what was trending yesterday’s twin, Mr. Tarno, right? I watched it right away.”

“I had a hard time feeling it when he appeared. My thoughts immediately went to Pak Tarno,” comment @nasoisw.

“Hahaha I swear. My sister was like this too. Don’t really appreciate it,” say @larcrocalar.

“I just watched it, I laughed out loud,” reply uploader @quartersian.

Anderson Paak once warmly greeted Mr. Tarno

Pak Tarno and Anderson Paak exchange comments on Instagram (Instagram/paktarnomanagementofficial)

This is not the first time that Pak Tarno and Anderson Paak have been talked about. Previously, a few days ago the names of Pak Tarno and Anderson Paak had become a public conversation on social media. This is the backdrop for the 2022 Met Gala.

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Anderson Paak, who appeared at the event, was said by Indonesian netizens to be very similar to Mr. Tarno, his hairstyle was bangs. The furore then reached the two parties.

Knowing that he was similar to Anderson Paak, Mr. Tarno finally asked the musician to recite the simsalabim incantation that became his trademark. It didn’t stop there, Pak Tarno and Anderson Paak also exchanged profile photos on Instagram and shared stories with each other.

“Hello Anderson Paak. You and me twins. So what, bim salabim, so what prok prok prok prok em a em, “ said Mr. Tarno while clapping his hands in a video on his Instagram. Which means, “hello Anderson Paak. You and I are twins”.

Mr. Tarno’s greeting to Anderson Paak was warmly welcomed by Anderson Paak.

“I love you twins!!!” replied Anderson Paak while including emoticons laugh.

Even so, Anderson Paak seemed confused by the words ‘bim salabim so what prok prok prok’ what Mr. Tarno said.

“Not sure what you just said but I’m super down!” said Anderson Paak. That is, do not really understand what he is talking about, but that’s okay.