August 8, 2022

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Moving from the Dormitory but Living in One Building, Here’s the Reason for LOONA Members

All LOONA members have now moved out of the dormitory and are living in their respective apartments. However, they still occupy the same building.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Friday (24/6/2022), LOONA recently guested on the Weekly Idol show. They shared the reasons why they wanted to leave the shared dormitory provided by the agency, and why they chose to stay in the same building.

MC Kwanghee and Eunhyuk joked that the LOONA members had bought the entire apartment building, and LOONA denied it.

Eunhyuk then suspected that the agency would have a hard time gathering them if all the LOONA members lived in different places, and it turned out to be true.

Olivia Hye confessed that Blockberry Creative decided that they should live in the same building to make it easier.

Olivia also revealed how it feels to live alone, she admits that she feels more free and comfortable because she can turn the lights on and off at will.

Unlike Olivia, who prefers to live alone, some of the LOONA members are not used to it. Yeojin admitted that she likes to visit Go Won’s apartment, while Go Won actually likes visiting Yves’s place.

When the MCs asked Yves if he liked it when the other members came to visit his apartment, the other members revealed their funny secret.

LOONA members admitted that Yves often fell asleep when they came to his place. Yves confessed that he was actually happy to invite the other members over to his place, and then cook together, but he then went to bed while the other members were eating.

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It’s obvious that the LOONA members are very close to each other. They enjoyed the fact that they had moved out of the agency’s dormitory and no longer shared a room, even though they were still in the same building.

Seeing the large number of LOONA members, it seems the decision to stay in the same building is the right thing. That way they won’t take too long to get together when they have a schedule.