August 14, 2022

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Mothers Order COD Packages Told To Pay Even Angry, Courier’s HP Drops

Online shopping with various payment systems makes it very easy for customers. The latest payment system is provided by the popular e-commerce, namely Cash on Delivery (COD).

Although COD is popularly used, the system does not cause any problems because customers do not understand it. Recently, a video went viral on social media when a customer was angry when he was told to pay for his COD package by the courier who delivered it.

One of the videos was uploaded by the social media account Instagram detik.indo, Friday (25/06/2022). Video footage shows a customer, namely a middle-aged mother who was visited by a courier.

The package ordered by the customer is delivered by a courier to his house. The courier asks the customer to pay for the package ordered at that time because the payment is COD. Instead of paying for the package, this customer was angry with the courier.

“Yes, I have to pay, I ordered,” said the courier.

However, the customer complained that he couldn’t pay because he didn’t have the money. The customer also tried to get rid of the courier’s cellphone who was recording it.

The courier’s cellphone actually fell when he was about to get rid of it. The courier then picked up his cellphone which had fallen to the ground.

Angry customer admits he doesn’t have money

This customer dropped the cellphone of the courier who delivered the package. (Instagram/fact.indo)

When the incident took place, the customer was angry with the courier who could not pay for the COD package, witnessed by local residents. Several women were there because the location of the incident was in front of a shop.

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After just a few hours of uploading, this video has already gotten 418 thousand views on the reels and 19.4 thousand likes. The video of an angry customer not being able to pay for the COD package, his message reaped various responses from netizens who watched it.

Not a few netizens want the online shopping payment system with COD to be abolished because incidents like this often repeat themselves.

“You know you don’t have money, you still order to**l,” a netizen commented.

“Because of this, many COD payment methods have been turned off. In fact, it is very helpful,” said another.

“The COD system has been removed,” another said.

“If you want to activate the COD feature, there should be a psychological test first,” another response.

“The courier’s smile is genuine patience,” another netizen said.