July 2, 2022


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Mothers Caught Stealing at Celebrations, Home Owner’s Attitude Makes Me Salute

Recently, social media was shocked with a viral video of a mother caught stealing in the middle of a celebration with the mode of coming as invited guests. The incident occurred at the residence of Former Acting Officer. East Lampung Regent, Sunday (12/06/2022).

Video footage circulating on social media shows a woman wearing a gray robe caught stealing in the middle of a celebration. His action of stealing money was caught by an invited guest present.

The invited guests from the start admitted that they were suspicious of the perpetrator’s behavior. The perpetrators of the theft in the middle of this celebration were tried by invited guests who came.

The perpetrator was bowed guilty because his act of stealing had been caught. Not a few invited guests were made emotional by the perpetrators of the theft.

However, the wife of the owner of the house, Mr. Tauhidi, Former PJ. The Regent of East Lampung showed a calm attitude. This mother hugged the thief who was at her celebration.

The mother patiently asked about the identity of the perpetrator who had not been answered by the invited guests.

“Who is this mother? Who is this mother?” asked PJ’s ex-wife. East Lampung Regent while hugging the perpetrator.

PJ’s ex-wife. The East Lampung Regent also gently asked if there were other items stolen by the perpetrators. He then asked one of the middle-aged women to examine the perpetrator in a separate place.

The perpetrators were handed over to the authorities

The perpetrator was handed over to the authorities. (Instagram/ underc0ver.id)

The perpetrators of the theft have been handed over to the authorities for development of the case. It is suspected that it was not only these women who committed the theft in the midst of a celebration, but in a conspiracy.

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The viral video of mothers stealing in the middle of the celebration attracted the attention of netizens. Not a few netizens were made to salute the attitude of the wife of Former PJ. The Regent of East Lampung tried to calm the emotions of the invited guests and the fear of the perpetrators.

“Salute to the compassionate mother, may you be given a long life,” said one netizen.

“The father is very gassy, ​​the mother who has a celebration salute is very patient, calm and can humanize humans. It is rare for mothers today to have a nature like mother,” added another.

“Lampung munih sinji sa,, Alhamdulillah, the mother who has a good intention, hopefully the culprit will give up,” other responses.

“How noble is the heart of a mother who has a desire,” said another netizen.