December 2, 2022

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Money Heist Korea Releases New Teaser Using BTS Songs, Reaps Negative Responses from Netizens

Recently, the Korean drama titled Money Heist has released a new teaser. This drama tells about a group of people who commit massive money theft. This group is led by a criminal mastermind named Professor.

The Korean drama Money Heist will star Yoo Ji Tae as a Professor as the main character. Other cast members include Park Hae Soo (Berlin), Jeon Jong Seo (Tokyo), Lee Hyun Woo (Rio), Lee Won Jong (Moscow), Kim Ji Hoon (Denver), Jang Yoon Joo (Nairobi), Kim Ji Hoon (Helsinki). ), and Lee Kyu Ho (Oslo).

The newly released teaser highlights actress Jeon Jong Seo who plays a young woman from North Korea who is a fan of BTS. He seemed to be dancing to the song ‘DNA.’ He introduced himself to viewers as a rather special BTS ARMY, as he actually served in the North Korean army.

In addition to serving his country, Jeon Jong So also secretly became a mercenary with the code name Tokyo. He will do anything to earn a lot of money, including stealing, because he can’t stand living on just a meager salary.

On Sunday (26/06/2022) Allkpop reported that the teaser drew a negative response from some Korean netizens.

Although the teaser is quite short and only shows footage of important scenes that are meant to introduce the character Jeon Jong Seo, many Korean netizens feel that the scene uses the song ‘DNA; BTS too ringe and not necessary.

Launching from Allkpophere are some comments from Korean netizens:

“It very clearly says, ‘Hello, this is a drama made by the nation that BTS is from.’ It’s so unnecessary.” commented one netizen.

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“The intention is too flashy, it really is a cringe.” said another.

“Shouldn’t this series be a bit serious? Why should they drag a boy band?” added another netizen.

“The opening scene in the drama is very important, but this scene makes a lot of people want to stop it.” said another netizen.

“I feel ashamed for him.” explained another netizen.

“Yes, they want to make it clear that Korea is famous for K-Pop… but they do it badly,” continued another netizen.

The Korean drama series ‘Money Heist’ premiered on Netflix on June 24, 2022. What do you think about this?