August 8, 2022

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Mom’s Action Riding a Motorcycle Crossing the Road Makes the Bus Driver Shake His Head

There are various nicknames that are carried by mothers. Starting from the nickname of the strongest race on earth to the ruler of the road.

The nickname was given none other than because of their actions that made them shake their heads. This time there is a viral video of the mother of the ruler of the road crossing the bus driver’s head.

One of the videos of the mother’s action was shared by the Instagram social media account.

“A test of patience on the way…” write the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Monday (01/08/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of a highway intersection that looks busy with vehicular traffic. The traffic light from the north is green so motorists drive their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the traffic lights from the south, west and east are red. There is one interesting incident at the southbound traffic light.

There was a mother in a dress, riding a motorcycle, seen stopping right in front of a traffic light in a longitudinal position. The mother’s position was wrong because it blocked the way of the vehicle beside her when the light was green.

However, the mother remained relaxed there by observing the north. The mother looked like she was about to cross from the southbound traffic light.

Make the Bus Driver Shake His Head

Cross but halfway first. (Instagram/

The bus driver who was right in front of this mother was made to shake her head by her actions.

“It’s hard to be an enemy to these mothers. These mothers are dressed in gowns and veiled. The motorbikes are prevented from going there, hem moms,” said the bus driver ending with a long sigh.

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It hasn’t been an hour since it’s been uploaded, this video has already received 81.4 thousand views on Instagram reels and 3.2 thousand likes. The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“Women at this age are really cute, so I want to pinch them if I’m the driver,” a netizen commented with a laughing emoji.

“You want to be resisted or cursed to be a stone,” said another.

“His name is also the ruler of the road, the others must be patient,” another said.

“Why the horn, I’m really excited,” another word.

“And until now the driver is still waiting for the mothers to cross,” other netizens’ comments.