October 6, 2022


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Misunderstanding the Meaning of Healing, Mentor One Percent: Healing Is Not Just a Vacation

Isn’t that right? healing should it be a vacation? is healing Have you been really healing or just running away from reality? Come on, take a look at the following article so you don’t misunderstand the meaning healing.

Today (28/7/2022) at 14.00 WIB, the Yoursay.id platform held a ‘Yoursay Class’ with the theme ‘Heal Your Soul’. Discussing more deeply about healing the soul, the event was attended by Kak Ghassani Salsabila, S.Psi – a mentor of One Percent and a student of Master of Clinical Profession, University of Indonesia.

Misconceptions About Meaning Healing

Have the opportunity to attend the ‘Yoursay Class: Heal Your Soul’ event personally on line through Zoom, there is a lot of new knowledge that I can get. The thing that astonished me was the meaning of ‘healing‘ which I didn’t fully understand.

Usually we will do healing when we start to feel stressed. Or even we do it because we are too afraid of reality and end up running away from it.

When the participants were asked what the meaning of healingsome of them said that ‘healing it’s a walk’ or ‘healing it was done so as not to stress’. Others commented “healing for story needs

Don’t you know, it turns out to mean healing it’s not just going for a walk, we’re happy, then our stress goes away. Healing it can’t just be solved by going for a walk.

One participant said, “Many are misused from the use of the word healing” Yes that’s right. So, what does it actually mean? healing that? When do we have to do it?

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Meaning of Mental Healing

Kak Ghassani as the presenter of the material explained the meaning of mental healing. Mental Healing is a process or effort in alleviating physical or mental illness through the power of the mind.

Usually, healing can be done by visualization, suggestion, and manipulation of energy flow. We can also ask the help of professionals to do it healing.

When do we need healing?

Healing is usually done when we start to lose our daily functions. This loss of function usually occurs due to several factors. Among them, the factor of losing a loved one, getting violence from others, or feeling excessively afraid of something.

For example when we are supposed to eat three times a day, but instead eat once a day or even not at all for some time. For example, when you have to finish a thesis, but keep putting it off for a long time because of feelings of anxiety.

Stages Healing

When doing healing there are several stages in it. Stage healing that is, acceptance (accept the fact), insight (understand the causes and solutions to problems), action (act according to the solution and analyze the action), self-esteem (spirit to heal), healing (healing process), and meaning (interpreting the problem).

Although not absolute, but these stages are a picture when we go through the healing process. Don’t forget that we don’t need to rush to get well. Try to take it slowly.

What Simple Things Can Help Healing We?

Kak Ghassani said that relaxation, contemplation, art-therapy, and reflection can be done to heal the soul. You can watch breathing relaxation videos on YouTube, provided the video must be from a credible source.

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You can also do contemplation by meditation, yoga, journaling, or sports. To do arttherapy can also help us to heal. Reflection can be done so that we know ourselves better. Although these things do not make us heal completely, but at least they can calm us down.

The Importance of Maintaining Mental Health and Self-Reflection

Maintaining mental health and doing self-reflection can keep us from the process healing. Or in other words we can reduce the injury to ourselves because usually healing done because we previously had wounds or fears.

Everyone has their own way of maintaining mental health. The same goes for self-reflection.

When asked how the participants of ‘Yoursay Class: Heal Your Soul’ took care of their mental health, they answered by fasting on social media, not working too much, watching Korean dramas, or traveling. There are also those who comment by doing sports, reading books, playing guitar, and sleeping.

As for reflection or self-understanding, Ms. Ghassani recommends doing journaling, self talkor discuss with the closest people.

During the discussion session, Ms. Ghassani kept mentioning that self-reflection is very important. Good for those of us who are in need healingstress, overthinkingeven for those of us who are doing fine.

Self-reflection can help us to recognize our personality, strengths and weaknesses, values ​​and principles adopted, the state of our bodies, to our life goals.

We are the masters of our life. We are the captain of our ship.

Focus on what we can control. Therefore, take action. We cannot control other people or circumstances. But, we can control ourselves.

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So, how are you doing, already understand that healing not just a vacation right? You already know when you need it, right? healing and how important is it to maintain mental health and self-reflection?