September 27, 2022

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Mission to Print 1 Million Workforce in Japan by Pocket Nihongo

Japan is one of the countries that is familiar to the Indonesian people. Not only for historical reasons, but also for cultural and other factors, one of which is being a destination for work.

In fact, the Japanese government has its own reasons for accepting workers from Indonesia. One of the reasons is that Indonesians have skills and the potential is so great. According to the data, there are 1.7 million workers and 400,000 foreign students in Japan, it is estimated that this number will increase to 400% by 2040.

One of the mandatory requirements for a career in Japan is to be proficient in Japanese. Not only for daily conversation, but also for other purposes.

Nowadays there are many ways to learn Japanese. Not only in classrooms with formats that have been widely applied, but now learning Japanese can be anywhere and anytime, as provided by Pocket Nihongo.

Pocket Nihongo is a startup that provides Japanese language learning programs that offer a variety of interesting learning packages. As one of the startups, of course the format presented is different and more modern than other learning providers. Currently, there are more than 60,000 members who have been helped by Pocket Nihongo.

Pocket Nihongo logo.[Dok. Pocket Nihongo]

In Pocket Nihongo, there are various materials that are arranged and designed according to the curriculum directly from Japan. This is inseparable from owner Pocket Nihongo who has had a lot of sour and salt in the Sakura Country.

The quality and effectiveness of learning at Pocket Nihongo is guaranteed to be one of the advantages. So, not just learning Japanese, but also the quality and curriculum that is right on target.

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Not only does it offer a guaranteed quality curriculum directly from Japan, but the speed of learning is also very fast. Pocket Nihongo even guarantees that he can speak Japanese fluently 10 times faster. The program is packaged in a program, Pongo Exclusive Mastery.

According to Jerome Polin on the Pocket Nihongo website, “In Pocket Nihongo this program can also help you learn Japanese faster and is very important if you want to raise your Japanese level to a higher level.”

As one of the startups in the field of Japanese language education, Pocket Nihongo of course continues to innovate along with the times. A new breakthrough that will come soon is the launch of an application that can be used on every gadget.

Online class portrait from Pocket Nihongo.[Dok. Pocket Nihongo]
Online class portrait from Pocket Nihongo.[Dok. Pocket Nihongo]

The launch of this application is expected to be carried out in mid-2022, and carries a myriad of innovations that make it easier for users to learn Japanese. What’s more, nowadays gadgets have become the main tool for doing everything, including learning Japanese through Pocket Nihongo.

Not only presenting quality learning and technological sophistication, Pocket Nihongo also has one offer that is no less attractive, namely an affordable price.

Cost is one of the many factors to consider when taking a language course or class. And Pocket Nihongo guarantees that it will offer a fee that is 90% cheaper than normal language classes.

With a series of attractive offers, Pocket Nihongo also hopes to help create 1 million workforce in Japan. And of course the impact on the Indonesian economy of course.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, please visit the official website at or through the official social media

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