December 6, 2022

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Middle-aged man tries sports using water walker freestyle, it actually makes you laugh

Sport is an activity to maintain physical fitness. Exercise can be done manually or using tools.

Recently, a video went viral on social media of a middle-aged man trying to exercise using a freestyle air walker. One of these videos was uploaded by the Instagram social media account ngakaksehat, Wednesday (22/06/2022).

Video footage shows a middle-aged man in the yard. The middle-aged man will try sports using a freestyle air walker.

There was a woman who directed the middle-aged man. It seems that this middle-aged man is trying out a freestyle air walker for the first time.

The woman asked the middle-aged man to put his feet in the sandals at the bottom of the freestyle water walker. The middle-aged man followed his lead.

When his feet were in the sandals, this middle-aged man tried to move the hands of the freestyle air walker. Having only gone back and forth twice, the middle-aged man had an unpleasant incident.

The feet of the middle-aged man who was still in the freestyle air walker sandals were flung forward. Shocked middle aged man trying his best to hold the hand part of the freestyle air walker. As a result, the middle-aged man stumbled backwards so that he spun back and forth.

The freestyle air walker was not strong enough to support the middle-aged man’s body, so he finally followed suit. A middle-aged man falls with a freestyle air walker with the L body position on the top, while the body on the bottom.

The Ending is Falling from the Water Walker Freestyle

The middle-aged man fell backwards along with the freestyle air walker he was riding. (Instagram/laughs)

The woman who had directed the middle-aged man into a freestyle air walker was frantically trying to stop him from falling. However, the situation said otherwise the woman laughed at the middle-aged man who had fallen before helping him.

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Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 446 thousand views on the reels and 20.6 thousand likes. The comments column for the video was suddenly flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“Want to sin, afraid to laugh,” said one netizen.

“Want to laugh softly, afraid of sin,” said another.

“I’m so tired, God, laughing to myself,” other comments.

“At least if you can’t play it. Provide a helmet before the incident,” another response.

“I want to laugh because I’m afraid of sin but I’m already laughing, so it’s a sin,” another netizen said.