August 8, 2022

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Men’s Viral Confessions Please Look For Luxury House Rentals, The Reason Is Even Making You Laugh

Have you ever heard the phrase, once lied, you will forever be trapped in a fabricated lie. Lying for anything is not good, especially to people you like.

If you have lied from the start, you will lie again in the future. Recently, the story of a man who was looking for a rental car and luxury house went viral on social media with the excuse that it made him laugh.

The man initially confided in a Pekanbaru Jobs Facebook group about the desire. His story was re-shared by the Matakelana Instagram account, Tuesday (2/8/2022).

This man asked a kind person for help who would rent out a big house and a luxury car for him. He asked the owner of the big house and the luxury car he wanted to rent to pretend to be the driver.

The man reveals the reason for doing all this. He did it for a beautiful girl he knew from Bogor.

The girl he knew was a civil servant. He was going to the man’s city and wanted to visit him.

“So this is the story, I know a beautiful girl from Bogor. She is a civil servant and suddenly she came here, she is now in a home stay and will visit my house,” This man’s story was quoted by, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

However, the man had been lying to the girl he knew from the start. He claimed to be an officer, even though he was only a boarding house boy and worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant.

Different from the reality of life

A man’s confession wants to rent a luxury house for the sake of a girl he knows. (Instagram/travel)

As a result, the lie that he did from the start made him dizzy when faced with such a situation. The man begged someone with the aforementioned criteria to help him.

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“Help me, bro, use the house and the car. Later you pretend to be my driver, I only need one day. I’ll pay 70 thousand later. Please bro, that’s all I can afford,” he concluded.

Suddenly the man’s rant attracted the attention of netizens to write various responses in the comments column. Not a few netizens laughed reading his story.

“It’s funny at this age,” commented one netizen.

“I’m sorry, but it’s funny,” added another.

“Let’s just say it, mas, it’s better if the girl is with me and then you disguise yourself as my driver. I’ll pay 100 thousand, will you make a profit?” other responses.

“If you borrow it, it looks like fun, beware of being cheated by IND**iar,” said another.

“Bang 70 thousand, the contents of pertadex only get 1 Pajero bar,” other words with laughing emoji.

“Don’t cheat if you don’t want to get hit by a stone,” another netizen said.