September 27, 2022

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Men Riding Bikes Wear Helmets Desperately Speeding on the Road, The Ending Makes You Kapok

Although the highway is dominated by motorized vehicles, there are still many people who ride bicycles. Usually people who ride wind bikes on the highway will pedal a bicycle leisurely.

However, unlike this middle-aged man, this one actually speeds up when riding a bicycle on the highway. A video of a middle-aged man riding a speeding bicycle on the highway was uploaded by the Instagram social media account indorider150up.

Video footage shows a middle-aged man wearing a black t-shirt riding a wind bike. He rides a wind bike on the highway.

Unlike other wind cyclists, the middle-aged man also wore a helmet to protect his head. The helmet he was wearing was not a cyclist’s helmet.

The middle-aged man was wearing a helmet usually used by motorcyclists. Even so, he remained confident.

After crossing the bridge on the highway, the middle-aged man’s bicycle accelerated. The bike slid fast forward.

When viewed from the video recording, the speed of the bicycle being ridden by a middle-aged man is not due to the pedaling. The speeding bicycle was thought to have been driven by a motorcycle directly behind it.

The middle-aged man was initially relaxed the bicycle he was riding was sliding fast. As he got closer to the roundabout, his balance on the bicycle began to falter.

The Ending Makes You Kapok

The ending nyungsep on the asphalt of the highway. (Instagram/indorider150up)

After a few seconds the front tire of the bicycle wobbled because it rubbed against the asphalt. Bikes became difficult to control again.

As a result, the middle-aged man who was riding the bicycle lost his balance, causing him to have to sneak onto the asphalt of the highway. As of this writing, the video has already garnered 1.1 million views on reels and 63 thousand likes.

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The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“And finally lay down,” said one citizen, as quoted by on Wednesday (15/6/2022).

“Make a gobal gabel bike,” said another.

“Mom said I mostly play cellphone,” another said.

“Fortunately I paused so I didn’t get into trouble,” another comment.

“I swear it hurts, I’ve been recovering for months,” other netizens’ comments.