December 6, 2022

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Men confide in parking for 20 minutes, when they come back, they are shocked when they see the car is scratched

Parking in any place certainly has a much greater risk. Vehicles are more likely to be damaged.

Recently, there was a crowd on social media of a man who said that his car was scratched because of a 20-minute parking ride. The viral video of the man’s outpouring of his heart was re-shared by the Instagram social media account again.

Footage shows the condition of the man’s car after being left for 20 minutes. This man was shocked to find out that his car was not as smooth as it was when he left it.

The hood of the car looks a lot of scratches from sharp objects. The scratches on the hood of the car form long curved lines.

Scratches are not only on the hood of the car. However, on the side of the car there are also scratches.

The car door handle is scratched but only a little. Meanwhile, the car door from front to back is streaked with a straight line.

The man could only stroke his chest and say istigfar seeing the condition of his car full of scratches. He didn’t think that a 20-minute parking ride would end up like that.

“How come there is a human as evil as this. Just 20 minutes of parking, suddenly lined with frogs like this, astagfirullah,” he wrote.

He admits that his act of parking the car carelessly was wrong. He also tried to accept gracefully the warning given to him due to indiscriminate parking.

“Always healthy, yes, for those who scratch their cars. Thank you for this very meaningful warning,” said the man who owns the car.

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Car So Berets

The scratches on the car. (Instagram/ again.viral)

At the end of the video, this man shows the location where he parked the car, which is on the side of a quiet road. Just a few hours of uploading, the video has already gotten 251 thousand views on Instagram reels.

The comments column of the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it.

“Maybe the land wants to be used for sale, so it’s a hindrance,” the response of one netizen.

“Has the passenger got a permit yet? Or is it blocking people’s way?” said another.

“Hopefully it will also be made aware for people who mark their foreheads, at least they will get results,” other comments.

“If the CCTV in the car can be evidence, it’s crazy that it’s a big loss,” said another netizen.