September 27, 2022

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Mama Laughs Reading Her Child’s Test Answer, Warganet: Reality on the Field

The teacher will share the results of the test to the students for future study materials. Parents also sometimes check the results of their children’s tests, especially those who are still in elementary school.

This is the same as what this mother did to check the results of her child’s test. He actually made laugh when he read one of the answers the child.

He uploaded the moment in a short video on dewikusumawinda’s TikTok account and reposted the underc0ver Instagram account.

“Not helped, but just asked,” writing in the video as quoted by, Saturday (11/6/2022).

Video footage shows a mother with her son who has just come home from school. They stopped for a moment in the car.

Mama checked her child’s test results that the teacher had just distributed. There is one question with a funny answer from the child that makes him laugh.

“What do you do when you see something like the picture on the side?” (Image of a boy falling off a bicycle).

The child wrote down two answers about what he did when he saw someone fall off the bicycle. The answers were, ‘Why are you Udin,’ and ‘Jojo you are okay, right,’.

His Child’s Test Answer

The answer made me laugh. (Instagram/

Suddenly the mother laughed out loud reading the answer to the question. His son who was in the back seat of the car also laughed.

“Hey, you’re helping, not asking,” said Mom, laughing.

“But I don’t know,” he said innocently with a smile.

Until this article was compiled, the video had already received 73.8 thousand views on Instagram reels. The comments column for the video upload was immediately attacked by various responses from netizens.

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Not a few citizens who support the truth of this child’s answer in accordance with the reality on the ground.

“The reality on the ground is like that, ask first,” said one netizen.

“But it’s true before helping small talk like that first,” added another.

“Fortunately, I didn’t use a funny emoticon, before being asked, hahaha Jojo, are you okay?” other comments.

“The fact is that the child answered in order, ask first and then please. Yes, at least give the answer points. Don’t blame it, the writing fee and reward have a sense of empathy,” said another netizen.