September 24, 2022

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Mama Connects With Her Three Adopted Children With Their Mother, Reaping Warganet’s Praise

The long separation between parents and children that makes them not meet certainly leaves a deep sense of longing. Especially for a mother who has to be separated from her children for a long time.

Recently, there was a video of a touching moment for Mama to bring her three adopted children together with their biological mother. Mama continued to share the touching moment in a video upload on her TikTok account dangwangi_official.

“Today we gave a surprise for the children to meet the biological mother,” he said as quoted by, Thursday (18/8/2022).

In the 1 minute 3 second video recording, it shows the biological mother sitting waiting for her three children to come. The biological mother seemed so happy to meet her three young children.

Mama continued to ask her three adopted children to close their eyes before meeting their biological mother. When the three children opened their eyes, they immediately shouted with joy and then hugged their mother.

The first son looks like he can’t escape from his mother’s arms. Reporting from Mstar, the three adopted children of Siti Asidah Salbin have not seen their biological mother for two years.

The meeting occurred because the biological mother of her three adopted children told her she missed her baby. The biological mother wants to meet briefly with her three children to release the longing.

Asidah is happy to give her biological mother time to meet her three adopted children.

“I told her (the birth mother) that she can meet the three when she is on leave. I understand she is embarrassed, but you don’t want to separate mother and child,” the 33-year-old woman told mStar as quoted by, Thursday (18/8). /2022).

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Mama’s Attitude Connects to Netizens’ Praise

The closeness of the biological mother, adopted child, and continued mother. (TikTok/dangwangi_official)

Asidah revealed that she adopted the three children because their biological mother after the divorce experienced economic difficulties. Asidah is now taking care of five children, two of her biological twins and three adopted children.

Asidah treats her three adopted children as well as she treats her two twin daughters. Asidah’s good attitude received praise from netizens.

“Thank you, don’t separate them even though they have become adopted children,” compliments from netizens.

“It’s not wrong to share love if sincerity exists,” added another.

“Salute to the adoptive mother, thank you for such a good person,” say another.

“I shed tears, I hope the bond of love between the two mothers and mama is well established,” netizen’s prayer.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you adoptive mothers who still have hearts and feelings, do not separate the biological mother’s love for biological children,” other responses.