December 1, 2022

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Male Extreme Action Shares Jumbo Snake Cooking Tutorial, Makes Netizens In Severe Pain

Usually people process chicken, beef, or fish as their food protein. However, not with this one person, who actually uses jumbo snakes as a source of protein.

Instagram social media account again.viral re-upload the jumbo snake cooking tutorial video.

“It’s so big,” write an Instagram account again.viral as quoted by, Wednesday (21/09/2022).

The man showed in advance the jumbo-sized snake meat pieces that he was going to cook. Snake meat in the form of a jumbo-sized box looks still complete with the skin.

Before cooking, this man removes the snake skin first. It burns the snake’s skin until it turns black.

He then washed while rubbing the snake skin with a brush. He then cut into small squares of clean snake skin meat.

After that, he poured oil into the pan and then put in the ground spices for frying. When the ground spices are half cooked, then add the yellow powder.

He stirred the ground spices and yellow powder to mix well. Next, he put the snake meat pieces into the pot.

He added several other types of spices. Next, the snake meat that has been seasoned is put into a pressure cooker to make it soft.

Painful Netizens

Grill the snake skin first before cooking. (Instagram/again.viral)

Wait a while, the dish with the main ingredient of snake meat is cooked. The man ate his snake meat with white rice.

He looks voraciously eating snake meat which looks tender because it is cooked using a pressure cooker. The snake meat cooking tutorial video reaped various comments from netizens who felt pain watching it.

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Not a few netizens are nauseous after watching this snake meat cooking tutorial video. There are netizens who choose a hunger strike rather than having to eat snake meat like that.

“If I have no other choice, I just go on hunger strike,” commented one netizen.

“As long as there is food that deserves to be eaten, why do you have to eat like that?” said another.

“You cook, I throw up,” said another.

“The horror is that snakes can eat people, uh, people eat them again,” another netizen said.