August 14, 2022

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Making Haru, This Ojol Driver Gets a Birthday Gift for His Child from a Passenger

Recently, a number of successful netizens were moved to tears after seeing a video shared by a drivers go to social media. In the video, he shares the story of getting a birthday present for his son from one of the passengers.

The video, which originally came from the TikTok account @paklekojol, was then re-uploaded to Instagram social media by the @kepoin_trending account on Thursday (28/7/2022).

“I was thrilled to see it,” write the @kepoin_trending account as a description in the upload.

In the video footage circulating, drivers The ojol revealed that he and the passenger initially only chatted with each other while on the road and he told me that his daughter happened to be having a birthday at the time.

Until unexpectedly, the passenger even invited him to stop by a shop to look for and buy gifts for children drivers the ojol who was driving him.

Not only one, the female passenger even bought several types of gifts. Among them are children’s clothes with a combination of white and pink colors and two dolls.

The drivers ojol who did not expect to get a prize then asked why the passengers could be so good. Apparently the reason the passenger did all these things was because he liked small children.

“He said he was like this because he likes small children. Thank you, sis. My son will be happy to receive this,” write the caption in the video.

After finishing buying gifts and taking the passengers to their destination, drivers The ojol then went home. Before going home, he didn’t forget to buy a cake as a complement to his daughter’s birthday celebration with the top of the cake written, “HBD My Son Chandani.”

Get Gifts of Clothes and Dolls

Ojol drivers get birthday gifts for their children from passengers (Instagram/@kepoin_trending)

Arriving at home, drivers The ojol immediately approached his wife and children to give the cake and gifts he brought. Got a surprise on his birthday, the child looked so happy and enthusiastic.

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Especially when receiving doll gifts and clothes bought by previous passengers. He seemed to really like the gift.

Towards the end of the video, daughter drivers The ojol immediately put on his new clothes and hugged the two dolls which were also his birthday gifts.

With her cute voice, the girl also had time to thank the good passengers who had given her a gift. After that, he also thanked his father.

Until this article was compiled, video drivers ojol who got a birthday gift for his son from this passenger has managed to get thousands likes and reaped various comments from netizens.

“Crying in shock,” said one netizen.

“Health is always for sis and brother ojol, hopefully they will be given smooth sustenance,” said the other.

“Healthy is always a good person. Hopefully one day I can do the same good,” added another netizen.

“That’s so cute, my son,” said another.