May 30, 2023

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Makes Mother Cry Sobbing, Neighbors Act Playing Blocking Road Access to People’s Houses

The story about the commotion between neighbors is back in the spotlight, after being shared via the Twitter account @seputartetangga recently.

The existence of neighbors who are considered annoying, was revealed by netizens anonymously. The neighbor reportedly closed the access road to other people’s homes.

The internet user said that his grandmother’s neighbor in Jakarta did something wrong last week by walling up his grandmother’s house.

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“Permission to confide in mbah uti’s neighbors in Jakarta. Just last week, the neighbors in front of the house called mbah uti’s house,” he said starting the story, quoted on Wednesday (21/12/2022).

As if breaking the ties of friendship, the netizen said the motive for the neighbor’s behavior was unknown. As a result, the netizen was confused because the opportunity to chat between families was also not granted.

Moreover, the relationship between the families, he said, was fine. The relationship has been established for decades and is considered no problem.

“Even though from the age of 5 to 22, it’s fine, the original is still laughing together,” he said.

In the aftermath of the incident, the netizen’s mother admitted that she was sobbing. This is because this is not the first time neighbors have suddenly closed off road access.

“My mother was crying so much, min, from evening to sunset. Previously, it had already been closed, only the road access was left a little for walking, not for getting in and out of the motorbike,” he said.

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In his account, the netizen also said that his family had never disturbed the lives of neighbors. So he was confused because the neighbors felt that they had suddenly changed without a word.

Apart from telling stories, the netizen also attached a description of the road access to his house which was said to have been walled up by neighbors.

The neighbor’s complaint about access to the walled house immediately became the spotlight. Suddenly the post was flooded with various comments from netizens.

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“If he dares to wall up, there is a possibility that his land certificate will be included in the walled up. But because there are other buildings that have been there for a long time, he should coordinate with the owners of the buildings behind them. I don’t know if the land that is walled up is sold/granted. Just ask for mediation assistance,” Tre*** comments.

“Btw, does the wall cut off access to and from mbah uti munder? Or does it only cut off access from the neighbor’s house to mbah uti’s house? The problem is I see the picture, mbah utimu can still go in and out from the other side,” said Sab ***.

“I’m suspicious because the neighbors think there’s still a path so it’s okay to have a wall between the neighbor’s house and your simbah’s house, nder,” Dam *** said.

“The information on the thread is not clear… Whose walled into the land?… Which side of the village road is it?… Where are the neighbors’ houses nearby?” Ba*** added.

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