July 2, 2022


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Makes me laugh, thought this woman was missing, panicked looking for her cellphone even though she brought it herself

Forgetfulness in everyone must exist. Either the usual forgetfulness or it could also have a severe forgetfulness.

Sometimes it’s so forgotten, small things that have just been used are even thought to be lost. Recently, there was a video on social media of a panicked woman thinking she had lost her cellphone even though she brought it herself.

The video was uploaded by the social media account Instagram memekamvret, Saturday (11/06/2022). Video footage shows two women riding a motorbike together.

The two women suddenly stopped by the side of the road. The woman who wears a milk-chocolate hijab is panicked and confused looking for her cellphone.

He searched his black backpack for the cellphone. However, the veiled woman’s cellphone was not in the backpack.

He panicked even more knowing his cellphone wasn’t there. Meanwhile, his friend who was with him relaxed and recorded him panicking and confused.

His friend also laughed when he saw a woman in a headscarf busy looking for a cellphone that she thought was missing. Even though he pinned his cellphone to his ear.

“Oh seriously, where’s my cellphone,” said the veiled woman.

Panic and Confused Alone Looking for the Cellphone

This woman is confused looking for her cellphone. (Instagram/memkamvret)

He then remembered the last time he used his cellphone. He didn’t even realize that the cellphone was actually in his ear, instead he was looking for it in the motorcycle seat.

“Where was the last time?” asked the video recorder, laughing.

“Seriously where is my cellphone,” said the veiled woman.

Just a few hours ago, this video has already garnered 166,000 views on Instagram reels and more than 6,000 likes. The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching. Not a few netizens have experienced the same thing with veiled women in videos but with different things.

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“If I look for glasses very often,” the story of one netizen.

“Besides cellphones, what are often confused are glasses, remotes, combs, etc., etc., etc.,” added another.

“In the past, I had accused people of being in public transportation, but it turned out to be held by me,” other comments.

“I’m laughing endlessly, playing back and forth, ah, so that the sis is tired,” other netizens’ comments.