December 6, 2022

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Makes Anxious, This Online Taxi Car is Fully Decorated With Doraemon Cartoon Images

Applications that offer services to order motorcycle taxis or taxis online are an option for the community. Riding an ojek or taxi online certainly provides a different experience for each customer.

Recently viral on social media Twitter, a customer who shared his interesting experience while taking an online taxi. Through an upload on his personal Twitter account, drinking tehtarik, the customer showed a unique car from the online taxi he was riding.

Usually online taxis only use the original plain colored cars from the factory. However, the online taxi is different because it is decorated with Doraemon cartoon images.

On the outside and inside the car is decorated with all Doraemon cartoon images.

“Getting the outer grabcar, the Doraemon image is quite excited, it turns out that when you enter it’s even more excited,” wrote the uploader as a caption for his photo tweet as quoted by, Saturday (18/06/2022).

The photo uploaded by this customer is a photo of the inside of the online taxi he was riding. The car door is decorated with a Doraemon cartoon sticker.

The air conditioner in the car is also plastered with Doraemon cartoon stickers. The handle on the top of the passenger door is covered with feathers with the image of Doraemon’s head.

All chairs are upholstered with a Doraemon cartoon image. Likewise, the head rest is decorated with a Doraemon pillowcase.

The edge of the steering wheel is affixed with Doraemon stickers and on the horn as well. The mirror in front is covered with a scabbard for Doraemon’s head feathers.

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The front roof of the car is also covered with Doraemon cartoon stickers of various expressions. Another Doraemon decoration is placed by this online taxi driver above the car dashboard.

Online Taxi Car Cartoon Doraemon

The interior of the online taxi car with Doraemon’s image. (Twitter/drinkswithdraw)

The reason the online taxi driver decorates his car with Doraemon’s picture is because he likes to decorate and likes cartoons that have doors anywhere.

“His father told me that he really likes decorating cars + likes Doraemon. I hope to see you again sometime,” explained the customer.

As of this writing, the tweet has garnered 68.7 thousand likes and more than 7 thousand retweets. The viral tweet of an online taxi car with a Doraemon cartoon image reaped positive comments from netizens.

“This is my friend when I see a scene, I want to get a grabcar like this, I think. Because he really likes Doraemon, so that his room contains Doraemon, plastered everywhere,” tweeted a netizen.

“Getting in the car feels like being hugged by Doraemon,” said another.

“La la la I love you~ Mr. GrabCar~” say another.

“I also want to ride this grabcar,” said another netizen.