July 2, 2022


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Main Cast of ‘Sweet Home’ 2+3 Confirmed, Song Kang Returns

Good news comes for fans of Korean Drama ‘Sweet Home’. Adapted from AllkpopWednesday (15/06/22), Netflix reported that the Korean drama genre fantasy-action it will return soon with a second season.

Not only that, they also stated that the crew and cast had agreed to make seasons 2 and 3. Of course, they tried to welcome fans with action more stunning.

The cast from the first season of ‘Sweet Home’ will appear in the second season, continuing the storyline that had been interrupted. Song Kang is back as the main character. He plays a lonely high school student named Hyun Soo. Other actors such as Lee Jin Wook will return to play the mysterious man named Sang Wook. Actress Lee Si Young will return as Yi Kyung, Goo Min-si will return as Eun Yoo, and Park Kyu Yoong will play Ji Soo.

In the latest season of ‘Sweet Home’, there will be new faces who will also appear to play new characters. Veteran actor Yoo Oh Seung will be joining forces to play the captain of the army, Oh Jung Se is playing the scientist. Next, there are Kim Moo Yeol and Jinyoung who will act as special forces named Kim Young Hoo and Park Chan Young.

Along with the news of the sequel to the Korean drama ‘Sweet Home’, Netflix shared photos of the main cast in compact, wearing clothes that read ‘Sweet Home 2+3’. The audience must have been impatiently waiting for the continuation of the story from the drama ‘Sweet Home’.

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The Korean drama ‘Sweet Home’ is one of the most popular series on the market. Drama genre fantasy-action The story tells about how the world is when humans are suffering from a viral pandemic that attacks. A mysterious virus comes and turns anyone who has greed and hatred in their hearts, into a terrible person and a murderer.

The drama, which was released in 2020, received a brilliant achievement. Drama ‘Sweet Home’ successfully won awards in Asia Content Awards in 2021. The two main characters in the series including, Song Kang and Go Mi-nsi also managed to get an award at the same event thanks to ‘Sweet Home’.

Who can’t wait for the continuation of ‘Sweet Home’ 2+3?