August 14, 2022

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Loves Long Hair, Red Velvet’s Joy Is Forced To Cut Her Hair For A New Project

Red Velvet’s Joy has successfully impressed fans with her new hair appearance. However, who would have thought that Joy actually admitted that she was forced to cut her hair.

Quote from Koreaboo on Saturday (25/6/2022), Red Velvet’s Joy, who often appears with her charming long hair, recently succeeded in stealing the attention of fans with her new hairstyle.

Through her Instagram account, Joy also uploaded several photos showing her new hairstyle. He also did not forget to mark the stylish.

However, in the latest vlog video uploaded on Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel, Joy looks less confident with her new look. Joy admitted that she deliberately cut her hair shorter because she was preparing a new project that was still a secret.

“I cut my hair to make it fresher. I didn’t say the reason why I suddenly cut my hair. However, I did it because I was working on a new project,” said Joy.

Joy also explained that she had previously tried to convince her hairdresser to keep her hair long.

“Actually, I always tell my stylist to keep my hair long. I’m sure ReVeluv also knows that I really like long hair,” said Joy.

But unfortunately, due to a new project she was working on, Joy was forced to cut her hair shorter.

“But, because I have a new project that I’m working on, I had to cut my hair,” continued Joy.

Joy admits how much she misses her old long hair.

“Actually I really miss my long hair,” said Joy.

However, Joy also knows that fans also like her current hairstyle, she also tries to use the support from fans to be more optimistic and like her new hairstyle.

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“But ReVeluv told me they love this hairstyle, so I will convince myself to like it,” said Joy.

Joy may feel compelled to cut her long hair because of a project she is working on. However, after learning that ReVeluv also likes the hairstyle, Joy feels calmer, and will try to like it too.