August 8, 2022

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Lovely Rivals: Teacher-Student Competition for Single Teachers’ Attention

Becoming a teacher or teacher is a call from the heart. Because, being a teacher must really be able to educate, not just transfer knowledge.

Indeed, it is not an easy job. Moreover, when in the process of educating, a teacher finds the presence of students who need a more intense touch, both in terms of material, or psychological and emotional. This is what happened to Yeo Mi Ok when she faced Ko Mi Nam.

Yeo Mi Ok (played by Yum Jung Ah) is a single teacher. Even though she acts like a beautiful woman, in truth, deep inside, Mi Ok is still a childish woman.

Complicated problems for Mi Ok started when the first day of entering the new semester. Mi Ok sees one of her students, Ko Mi Nam (played by Lee Se Young), who is late for school, tries to discipline her.

But unfortunately, Mi Nam is not the typical obedient student. With a basis and logic that can be digested, Mi Nam is always able to refute any orders that he thinks are unfounded. A thing that should not be imitated, but it often happens in the real world.

One day, at the school where Teacher Yeo Mi Ok is located, a new teacher named Kwon Sang Choon (played by Lee Jee Hoon) arrives. Knowing Master Kwon Sang Choon’s single status, Mi Ok tries to get his attention.

What’s more, Mi Ok has felt the vibrations of love when she first saw Sang Choon. With various efforts, Mi Ok tries to make Teacher Sang Choon feel the same way as her.

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But unfortunately, Teacher Mi Ok has to compete with Ko Mi Nam, a student who has been a stumbling block when she teaches. The fierce competition between the two of them began.

Can you guess the ending? ending this story? Then, will there be a secret that will be revealed at the end of this story? Will their love story have a happy ending, or a sad ending? For more details, watch it live in the film Lovely Rivals, which was released in 2004.

Take it easy, even though this film was released in the early 2000s, the storyline is still fun to enjoy today. Moreover, when we see the funny behavior of Teacher Mi Ok with all her imagination in this film, we will find an entertainment of its own. How? Interested in watching the two of them compete?