August 8, 2022

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Love is Light Review: When You Fall In Love, There’s A Sparkling Light All Around You

It is undeniable, love does bring happiness to anyone who feels it. When someone is feeling in love, positive auras will radiate from within us. In fact, not infrequently, falling in love can change a person’s nature and personality to be much better than usual. If so far we can only see changes in someone who is feeling in love from their attitude or behavior, this is not the case with Saijo, the main character in the Japanese film entitled Love is Light this.

Saijo (Fuju Kamio), is actually an ordinary student at a Japanese college. However, different from other people, Saijo has a privilege that no one else has. Every time he saw a girl falling in love, Saijo could see a bright light sparkling around the girl. A gift that often makes Saijo awkward.

Saijo has a best friend and childhood friend named Kitashiro (Nanase Nishino). Despite being a woman, Kitashiro tells Saijo that he actually has feelings for her. However, Saijo said that he didn’t see any sparks of light around Kitashiro, thus breaking the feelings expressed by his best friend. Not only that, Saijo’s explanation frustrated Kitashiro, even more so when the trouble maker, Yadogiri (Fumika Baba) approached Saijo.

In this film, Yadogiri is told to have a strange nature. She has a hobby to approach guys who already have a partner. And because Yadogiri thinks that Saijo is Kitashiro’s girlfriend, he targets Saijo to be the next victim of seduction.

The problem has not been solved yet, another problem arises which makes Kitashiro’s love for Saijo even more deadlocked. One day, Saijo meets a beautiful girl named Shinonome (Yuna Taira) by accident. The two of them also exchanged diaries, and discussed the typical things of the teenage world like what love is. Kitashiro, who knew this, certainly did not remain silent. With all her efforts, she tries to disrupt the relationship between Saijo and Shinonome!

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The more complicated Kitashiro’s journey in reaching Saijo’s love is. Will this story have a happy ending? Or will it end in disappointment? Well, for friends who like films with the theme of teenage love stories or teenlit, you can really watch this one movie!