December 6, 2022

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Lost Care: Masami Nagasawa’s Action Uncovers Mysterious Death Cases

Investigating a death case is certainly not an easy thing. In addition to being observant in determining all aspects that point to the perpetrator, investigators must also be able to prove it in real terms so that the truth they find can be accounted for and accepted by the wider community. This is what Attorney Hidemi Otomo is currently pursuing in the latest Japanese film, Lost Care.

Adapted from the page asianwiki, This Lost Care film tells about the process of investigating the discovery of two corpses in a house. One morning, a shocking incident occurred. In a house two bodies were found, one of which was a senior citizen. While one other corpse is a maid or caregiver in the house.

Munenori Shiba (Kenichi Matsuyama) is a man in his mid-thirties who works for a home health care agency. From the information obtained, Munerori Shiba works at the same place where the nanny works. So far, Munerori Shiba is known as a good and loyal caregiver, and has never had a problem. But here, the authorities have actually named Munerori Shiba as the main suspect in the case of the deaths of the two bodies.

When the case starts and is handled by Prosecutor Hidemi Otomo (played by Masami Nagasawa), the prosecutor also conducts a more in-depth investigation. In his investigation, Prosecutor Hidemi Otomo discovered a new fact, where the Health care agent employed at the house had an unusually high death rate ratio. However, this of course still could not confirm that Munerori Shiba was the killer. Until in the end, in order to reveal the truth, Hidemi Otomo must face Munerori Shiba, as well as determine who is really at fault in this case.

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How? Already curious about a little storyline from the film Lost Care this? Unfortunately, the curiosity of film-loving friends must be restrained first. The reason is, according to data reported by the page mydramalist, The film which again presents the action of the beautiful Masami Nagasawa will only be released in 2023. But at least next year we will have one of the quality Japanese films to watch!