December 2, 2022

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Long acquaintance, it turns out that Stray Kids’ Bang Chan and BLACKPINK’s Lisa are close friends

The Stray Kids boy group is known to have a number of friends from fellow celebrities such as, TXT, ATEEZ, to former members of the girl group IZ * ONE. While they were promoting, they had a lot of friends from some unexpected groups.

Koreaboo launched on Sunday (4/9/2022), one of the Stray Kids members who is famous for having many fellow K-Pop idol friends, is none other than Bang Chan.

In the last episode of “Bang Chan’s Chan’s Room,” he managed to surprise everyone by revealing his friendship with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and how they became close.

During the live broadcast, Bang Chan wanted to share TMI with fans. As it turned out, he and Lisa were close friends.

“I’m actually very close to Lisa,” said Bang Chan. They also haven’t recently become friends.

Bang Chan revealed that they have been friends for a very long time. They even knew long before Stray Kids debuted.

“I’ve known Lisa since I was traineesaid Bang Chan.

Bang Chan himself became a trainee for eight years, that’s why the two have known each other for such a long time. They have mutual friends that bring them closer.

The mutual friend Bang Chan is referring to is Bang Chan’s close friend, GOT7’s BamBam. It’s no secret to fans of both groups that the two were close when they were still trainee.

With BamBam being childhood friends with Lisa, it makes perfect sense that his other close friend, Bang Chan, would also be close to Lisa.

Hearing Bang Chan’s confession about his close relationship with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and how they got to know him, made fans happy. Lisa is known to have many close friends among male K-Pop idols, such as GOT7’s BamBam to Ten WayV.

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Fans also hope to see further interactions between Bang Chan and Lisa, considering that they were both born in the same year and the same age, they certainly have an exciting friendship.

Not only BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Bang Chan was also recently seen spending time hanging out with male K-Pop idols born in 1997, such as NCT’s Jaehyun, BTS’ Jungkook, and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu. They were seen eating together at a restaurant and leaving their autographs there.

The interaction of the four of course made fans excited, especially for Bang Chan, who seemed to have just been seen hanging out with the idol gang born in 1997.

Talking about K-Pop idols who have a lot of fellow artist friends, it seems Bang Chan is one of them who has all kinds of friends at every turn.