September 27, 2022

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LOL! Happy to meet Aura Kasih, Warganet confidently calls Gisel

For some people being able to meet artists is a fun thing. People usually will capture the moment he met the artist.

Just like this citizen who also captures the moment of meeting an artist. The video suddenly went viral on social media because he mispronounced the name of the artist he met.

The sultanreceh Instagram social media account re-uploaded the video from the warganet.

“I didn’t expect to meet Gisel in person. Masyaallah it’s really beautiful,” writing in the video as quoted by, Monday (13/06/2022).

This netizen thought that the artist he met accidentally was Gisella Anastasia alias Gisel. However, the netizen was wrong if they thought the artist, Gisel.

Video footage shows that the artist he met was the singer of the song Mari Bercinta, Aura Kasih. Aura Kasih is seen wearing a black patterned shirt with matching bottoms.

The beautiful artist from Bandung was chatting with someone when the netizen recorded it. Despite wearing a mask, Aura Kasih took it off for a while.

Aura of Love Thinks Gisella Anastasia

The Aura of Love is mistaken for Gisel. (Instagram/ sulthanreceh)

It was very clear that she was Aura of Love not Gisella Anastasia. Maybe the netizens who thought Aura Kasih was Gisel were wrong because they saw the look like him.

This video of netizens incorrectly calling Aura Kasih as Gisel attracted the attention of netizens who were watching to write their responses in the comments column. Not a few netizens were confused because they might mistake Aura Kasih for Gisel.

Warganet even joked by commenting that Aura Kasih in the video was called by the name of another artist. There were those who joked about slapping Manohara to the dangdut singer from Depok Ayu Ting-Ting.

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“How come it’s Gisel, sis, Manohara, you know a lot,” commented one netizen.

“If you don’t open the (mask), think of Ki Prana Lewu,” another response.

“It’s all wrong, obviously it’s Limbad, how come it’s Gisel, it’s really bad,” said another.

“Just like Ayu Ting-Ting,” said another netizen.

As of this writing, the video has already received 214,000 views on Instagram reels and more than 9,000 likes.