August 18, 2022

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Live Life with Positive Vibes, Take a Peek at These 3 Self-Development Content Creator Accounts!

As a human, it is undeniable that life is sometimes not in line with your wishes. Life is sometimes fun and sometimes sad. However, often when faced with vibes negative feelings, we drag on until we fall deeper and deeper into those negative feelings. We feel that these feelings overwhelm us and have complete control over us. In fact, let negative vibes continuously can affect our mental health.

If our mental health is disturbed, mental illnesses are very vulnerable to come to us such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, mood disorders, and many more. Of course, friends don’t want it, right?

Let yourself fall deeper negative vibes certainly a choice that we should avoid. Instead we have to create vibes positive in us if we want to achieve mental health. We need to make efforts so that we are mentally awake. If we are physically healthy, we can eat and drink a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and sleep regularly. Meanwhile, to maintain mental health, we must fill our thoughts with positive things, accept ourselves, and love ourselves as a whole.

Now in this digital era, there are many platforms that help us in achieving all of that. many para influencer or content creator who create content about issues mental health, as well as self-development in YouTube, TikTok, Instagramand social media platforms other. Well, here are 3 recommendations for Instagram accounts that are very suitable to support our self-development:

1. @ananzaprili

The figure of Ananza Prili and an example of her content. (

Who doesn’t know Sis Nanza? Content creator most positive on social media. Ananza is a psychology student at the University of Indonesia who just graduated this year. But because of its productivity, there is no doubt that the content has exploded across social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, spotify, and others. How come? The content from Haydira Prili Ananza is very positive and suitable for teenagers who want to develop themselves.

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Through his videos, he often shares self-development tips such as self-upgrade skills, improving self-love, not infrequently he also gives tips about love, a discussion that is very popular with teenagers. Besides, he is also active in content creation beauty makeup. A perfect combination for self-study through one Instagram account. We can immediately learn about self-lovetips about romance, and content beauty ranging from simple tips to makeup tutorials.

2. @azainfahmi

The figure of Zain Fahmi and his Instagram content.  (
The figure of Zain Fahmi and his Instagram content. (

Kak Zain is the nickname of Ahmad Zain Fahmi, a graduate student at SAU (Sakarya University) Turkey is one of the mental health content creator who often share content about self-development through feed Instagram is like a way to control taste insecure, the philosophy of things around, like the philosophy of life from the rearview mirror. Not infrequently he also creates anecdotal content on his Instagram video reels in a fun and entertaining way. He also often opens sessions QnA about mental health on his Instagram story.

Co-Founder often combines several media content, namely making funny videos or anecdotes and adding information in the caption section. This makes people interested in learning about self-development, with a presentation that fun and happybut does not eliminate the essence of providing information about self-development.

3. @raranoormega

Some Aesthetic content from Rara Noormega on Instagram.  (
Some Aesthetic content from Rara Noormega on Instagram. (

Rara noormega or Kak Rayi Noormega is a UX writer who graduated from psychology at Padjadjaran University in 2017. Unlike Ananza’s content which displays videos of herself, Rara shares her content through soothing words or Calming words with a very aesthetic image eye-catching. Through his aesthetic writing, he invites the reader to accept himself completely.

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Most of the content is written in English. He also often combines 3 modes at once in his content, he added voice over. So, it uses an aesthetic template with calming words in it, then he reads it out and combines it into one complex video. This is certainly a plus and a challenge for his followers. We can row once and go over 2-3 islands at once. We can calm the soul through calming wordsit, while increasing reading skills and listening English.

So, those were 3 recommendations for Instagram accounts that help our self-development. How about you, are you ready to become a better person? positive vibes?