October 1, 2022


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Lim Young Woong, IU, SEVENTEEN, BTS Dominate Gaon Digital Chart This Week

Several songs from Lim Young Woong, IU, SEVENTEEN, and BTS managed to dominate the latest Gaon Digital Chart chart for the 23rd week of 2022. Gaon Music has updated their music chart for this week, which is calculated from the period May 29 to June 4 next 2022.

Through the official Gaon Chart page, it can be seen from the TOP 200 Gaon Digital Chart, Lim Young Woong managed to bring 14 of his songs. Then followed by IU with a total of 12 songs, SEVENTEEN with 9 songs, and BTS which has 8 songs on the chart.

Among Lim Young Woong’s songs, ‘Can we meet again’ managed to become his highest ranked song at 9th place. Her song ‘Love always run away’ which became the OST of the drama Young Lady and Gentleman was ranked 15th. Then there are ‘Our blues’ (19), ‘Now trust only me’ (48), ‘Rainbow’ (67), ‘Father’ (84), ‘Lovely Touch’ (89), ‘A bientot’ (92), ‘I Love You’ (94), ‘A Psalm of Life’ (97), ‘Love Letter’ (100), ‘Love Station’ (107), ‘House’ (112), and ‘Loving You’ (113) .

IU’s songs that made it into the TOP 200 of the Gaon Digital Chart, namely ‘Drama’ (32), ‘Strawberry Moon’ (38), ‘Take My Hand’ (44), ‘Lilac’ (46), ‘Celebrity’ (55) , ‘Blueming’ (66), ‘Through the Night’ (142), ‘Eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)’ (148), ‘Winter Sleep’ (149), ‘Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms ‘ (162), ‘Love poem’ (163), and ‘Ah puh’ (No. 192).

All SEVENTEEN songs in their latest full album Face The Sun have entered the TOP 200 Gaon Digital Chart. The highest position is occupied by the title song in the album, namely ‘HOT’ at 7th place. Then the full english songs are ‘Darl+ing’ (54), ‘DON QUIXOTE’ (96), ‘Domino’ (105), ‘March’ (108), ‘Shadow’ (111) , ”bout You’ (115) , ‘IF you leave me’ (127), and ‘Ash’ (134).

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BTS bought 8 songs in the TOP 200 Gaon Digital Chart. Starting from their 3 full English songs ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’, and ‘Permission to Dance’ which were at number 42, 46, and 62. Followed by Coldplay’s collaboration song with them ‘My Universe’ (79). Then there are ‘Spring Day’ (82), ‘Christmas Tree’ (129), ‘Boy With Luv’ (147), and ‘Savage Love’ (172).

Wow, congratulations to Lim Young Woong, IU, SEVENTEEN, and BTS for dominating the latest Gaon Digital Music chart!