December 2, 2022

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Like Writing? Get to know 5 benefits of journaling that you must know

Writing is one of the hobbies that many people pursue. Everyone has journaling style such as diaries, bullet journals and so on. Apart from being a daily report, in fact the benefits of journaling are also very good for a person’s mental health, especially in the psychological healing stage.

Journaling can be done in any media, either manually with diaries and paper, or with digital media such as cellphone notes, creating groups with yourself and so on as needed.

Here are 5 benefits that can be obtained from the hobby of journaling.

1. As a Catharsis

Catharsis is a term for the release of emotions associated with past traumatic experiences by bringing them to consciousness. Trauma that comes from the subconscious so that it unconsciously affects a person’s daily behavior so that stress, anxiety and depression appear.

With journaling, we are ‘forced’ to bring out all the annoyances and other traumatic experiences into our conscious mind and put them into written form. This is useful to make us aware that all trauma is just a thought.

2. Means of Improving Behavior

Living with all the trauma experienced makes a person affected behaviorally. For example, trauma is ignored, people will try to be someone who attracts attention and will do whatever the other person wants them to talk to. This is certainly very disturbing individual life so it is difficult to recognize yourself again.

Journaling helps us to be able to introspect the behavior that we have done that day. Is there anything that needs improvement or development in the future so that good habits are created and bad behavior is reduced.

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3. As a Bridge of Peace with Trauma

Trauma or bad memories do cause a negative side in the form of being paranoid about many things in life that can limit a person’s daily movements. But with journaling, one can see the positive side of trauma.

Tensions or thoughts that arise can be signals of the body to feel careful about something. We can realize a reason for trauma through journaling so that it can broaden our view of a bad memory. In addition, journaling is useful for understanding the tragedy that is happening and finding solutions.

4. Memory Booster

By writing down daily activities and feelings in journaling, we can remember more and more important things and events in everyday life such as the date of an event, what happened on that day, and other important things. The more you journal, the more important things your brain can remember.

5. Sharpen Creativity

The journaling document that you have created will become a separate archive one day, where when you reopen it, you may get ideas and inspiration to do something in the future. In addition, the recorded information will help broaden your horizons.

Well, that’s a few benefits of journaling that comes from the hobby of writing. Let’s start now, let’s get used to self-discipline in writing!