December 1, 2022

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Like the story of the film Miracle in Cell No 7, this prisoner meets his son in prison after 3 years apart

No matter how fierce the lion the king of the jungle, but never hurt his cub. Sentences that describe how much love parents have for their children.

The same is done by this one father. Even though he is a prisoner, he loves his baby so much.

Quoting from the social media account TikTok solidarity_penjara shows the moment a prisoner meets his child after 3 years of separation.

“3 years have never seen family, finally we can meet” description of the video upload as quoted by, Monday (19/9/2022).

The 13-second video footage shows an inmate in Takalar Prison. The inmate was given the opportunity to get a visit from the family.

This prisoner seemed happy to be able to meet his family, especially his son. With a beaming face, he often invites his toddler child to play on the slide.

Despite his status as a prisoner, he as a father seemed painstaking in inviting his toddler to play. He patiently trained the boy to walk on the steps of the slide.

He then launched his son carefully held for safety. He did this over and over again in order to make the child happy.

When his son was bored playing slides, he also carried the baby. The happy smile on the prisoner’s face seemed to show that the longing for 3 years that he had been hiding could be paid off through this brief meeting.

Like the story of the movie Miracle in Cell No.7

This prisoner met his son after 3 years of separation. (TikTok/jail_solidarity)

The moment the convict meets his child after 3 years of separation is similar to the story from the film Miracle in Cell No 7. The Korean film remake in Indonesia tells of a father with special needs who is unfairly imprisoned.

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The young daughter sneaks in and lives for some time with her father in the prison cell. Even though the story of the two is only briefly similar because the meeting of father and son together in prison still makes netizens touched.

“I can’t, I can’t, I can’t stand it when it’s about dad (crying emoji)” netizen comments.

“Oh God, just look at this crying, stay healthy, sir,” said another.

“Oh, I can’t bear to see it, bro,” added another.

“Tears can’t be held back” said the netizen.