December 1, 2022

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Like the habit of riding a motorbike, right, turn left, these mothers cut down trees and even fall in the house, making auto panic

Mothers bear the nickname as the strongest race on earth not without reason. The reason is, mothers often perform actions that are unexpected.

Several times the actions of mothers as the strongest human beings on earth, such as breaking up brawls to the habit of turning right and turning left are always viral. This time the viral action of the mothers was similar to their habit of right sens turning left but the version of cutting down trees.

The action of mothers cutting down trees and even hitting houses caused panic uploaded by abah’s TikTok account…sun_dong.

“Mothers cut down trees like this,” written description in the video as quoted by, Saturday (1/10/2022).

The 58-second video footage shows a mother cutting down a tree in her yard. He cut down trees with a large machete.

These mothers cut down trees with the help of three other people, namely two women and a man. The three of them are tasked with pulling the tree when it is about to fall.

A piece of rope was previously tied to the felled tree for easy pulling and overthrow. When the tree whose trunk had been scraped with a large machete began to tilt, the three of them could not pull themselves together.

Trees are cut down and even overwrite houses

The felled tree fell on the roof of the house. (TikTok/daddy…sun_dong)

As a result, the mothers who cut down the trees helped. Instead of the tree that was cut down by the mothers when pulled down backwards, it turned forward.

The tree even fell on the roof of the house. At first they panicked that the felled tree would fall on the roof of the house.

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However, after knowing that the tree that was cut down actually hit the roof of their house, they laughed out loud. He was laughing so hard that two people who were assigned the task of pulling a limp tree sat on the ground.

The action of the mothers cutting trees ended up hitting the roof of the house like their habit of riding a motorbike, turning left, went viral. So far, the video has been viewed 2.8 million times.

The comments column for video uploads was flooded with various reactions from netizens.

“The tree looks like a mother’s concept, right sen turns left (laughing emoji)” a netizen commented.

“What’s the concept? Pull it in which direction, where does it fall (laughing emoji)” said another.

“From this video, it is proven that only nature does not submit to the power of mother,” another said.

“Sorry, I just laughed,” other netizens’ comments.