August 18, 2022

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‘Left and Right’ Jungkook BTS and Charlie Puth Top iTunes Chart 93 Countries

BTS Jungkook and Charlie Puth dominate iTunes charts worldwide with their new collaboration song. On June 24, 2022, the two singers released their new collaboration single “Left and Right,” which is featured on Charlie Puth’s upcoming album “Charlie.”

The day after it was released, to be precise on Saturday (25/6/2022) soompi reported that the song soared to the top of iTunes charts in many countries around the world

“Left and Right” has reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in at least 93 different country regions, including the United States, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, as well as France.

The MV (Music Video) for “Left and Right” has also garnered an impressive number of views in a short period of time. It took only 12 hours and 16 minutes for the MV to surpass 10 million views on YouTube.

Jungkook and Charlie’s achievements received various responses from netizens. On the PANN online community site a netizen commented, “Honestly, I don’t know what to say. This song is pretty good, but Charlie Puth seems to just use Jungkook’s influence.”

“Hey don’t hate Charlie! But the creative director can’t even write Jungkook’s name right lol,” other netizen comments.

“Congratulations! The lyrics are so catchy. I love it.”

“Charlie is really lucky.”

No, but creative director Charlie should at least know how to write Jungkook’s name properly, especially since he’s a member of the biggest music group in the world. ARMYs really care about Jungkook and make sure that if anyone is going to use it, at least do it right. it’s on top because of Jungkook. That fact is undeniable.”

“I’ve been listening to this song for hours, lol.”

“It’s a very funny and catchy song, but Jungkook should have released his own official single in the US. In fact, Charlie doesn’t even have headliner appeal, but Jungkook can easily make headlines everywhere.”

“Great collaboration!!”

For additional information, the two singers previously collaborated for a special appearance at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards in Korea in 2018. So, do you like Jungkook BTS and Charlie Puth collaboration so far?

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